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Definitions for Newbies

Here are some acronyms and terms commonly used on the FALfiles. If there's something you had to look up or something I got wrong, please post. I'll keep this OP updated for quicker searches. Thanks!

1A1 - Indian version of the FAL (inch pattern)
1911 - M1911 - pistol designed for US military in 1911 (.45 inch caliber)
50.00 - standard version of the FAL (metric pattern) with 533mm (21 inch) barrel and fixed stock
50.41 - heavy barrel version of the FAL with synthetic buttstock (metric pattern)
50.42 - heavy barrel version of the FAL with wooden buttstock (metric pattern)
50.61 - version of the FAL with folding buttstock (metric pattern)
50.62 - version of the FAL with 458mm (18 inch) barrel, folding buttstock, and folding charging handle (metric pattern)
50.63 - version of the FAL with 436mm (17.2 inch) barrel, folding buttstock, and folding charging handle (metric pattern)
50.64 - version of the FAL with hiduminum lower, folding buttstock, and folding charging handle (metric pattern)

AK - AK-47, AK-74
AK-47 - Russian battle rifle (7.62x39 caliber) designed in 1947
AK-74 - Russian battle rifle (5.45x39 caliber) designed in 1974
AR - AR-15, AR-10
AR-10 - American battle rifle (7.62x51 caliber)
AR-15 - Non-military, semiautomatic version of the M16 (5.56mm caliber) -
Argy - Argentinian - product of Argentina
ATF - Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms -
Aussie - Australian - product of Australia
Austie - Austrian - product of Austria
AWB - Assault Weapons Ban - the sale of scary guns was banned by the US Federal government from 1994 to 2004

BATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms -
BATFE - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives -
BC - Bipod Cut (refers to hand guards over barrel)
BGS - Bundesgrenzschutz - German for "Federal Border Guard"
BHO - Bolt Hold Open - when the last round is fired, this part retains the bolt carrier so a new magazine can be loaded
BHP - Browning High Power - pistol designed by FN (9mm parabellum caliber)
Brazzy - Brazilian - product of Brazil
BS - Butt Stock

C1 - Early Canadian version of the FAL (inch pattern)
C1A1 - Canadian version of the FAL (inch pattern)
C1D - Canadian Navy version of the FAL (inch pattern)
C2A1 - Canadian light machine gun version of the FAL (inch pattern)
CAI - Century Arms, Inc. -
CCW - Concealed Carry Weapon
CH - Carry Handle
CHC - Carry Handle Cut
CLP - Cleaner, Lubricant, Preservative - a weapons fluid meeting Military Specification MIL-L-63460
Coonan - Coonan, Inc. -
CQB - Close Quarters Battle

Demiled - Demilitarized - Receiver (upper) and possibly barrel have been destroyed by cutting--it's no longer a "gun", now it's a "kit"
DMR - Designated Marksman Rifle
DSA - DS Arms, Inc. -


FA - Fully Automatic - multiple bullets may be fired during a single trigger pull
FAL - Fusil Automatique Léger - French for "Rifle Automatic Light" (7.62x51mm caliber)
FALO - Fusil Automatique LOurd - Heavy barrel version of the FAL used by British Commonwealth countries
FH - Flash Hider - part at the end of the barrel that reduces the brightness of the muzzle flash
FM - Fabricaciones Militares - Argentine government-owned arsenal
FMAP - Fábrica Militar de Armas Portátiles - Argentine Military Small Arms Factory
FN - Fabrique Nationale -
FNC - Fabrique Nationale Carabine - piston rifle similar to FAL in 5.56mm caliber
FNH - Fabrique Nationale Herstal -
FTE - Failure To Eject
FTF - Failure To Fire
FTL - Failure To Load

G1 - German version of the FAL (metric pattern)
GOA - Gun Owners of America -

HB - Heavy Barrel
HG - Hand Guard(s), Hand Grip(s) - on a FAL, the wood or plastic piece(s) surrounding the barrel
HPBT - Hollow Point Boat Tail - a type of bullet shape
HS - Head Space
HTH - Hope This Helps
HTS - Hammer, Trigger, Sear - three parts in the lower part of a FAL

IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
IMBEL - Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil -
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IWB - Inside Waist Band - a type of holster
Izzy - Israeli - product of Israel


KB - KaBoom - discharge that breaks the firearm (and may ruin your whole day)
Kit - demilitarized FAL that includes all parts necessary (except receiver) to rebuild a "new" rifle

L1A1 - British semiautomatic version of the FAL design using inch measurements rather than metric
L2A1 - sniper version of the L1A1 with optional scope
LB - Light Barrel
LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
Lower - in a FAL, this part contains the hammer, sear, and the hidden part of the trigger
LS - Locking Shoulder
Luppy - Leupold - a brand of rifle scopes and other optical products

M16 - military, semiautomatic to fully automatic version of the AR-15 (5.56mm caliber)
Mag - Magazine - detachable part that holds rounds ready for loading and firing
Mag Foul - Photographing a FAL without a magazine

NBC - No Bipod Cut (refers to barrel hand guards)
NCHC - No Carry Handle Cut
ND - Negligent Discharge - discharge of a firearm involving culpable carelessness
NRA - National Rifle Association -

OOB - Out Of Battery - bolt is not fully closed over chamber, round may not be fully inserted into chamber
OP - Original Post or Original Poster - first post in a thread or person who started a thread
OWB - Outside Waist Band - a type of holster

Para - Paratrooper - version of the FAL with a folding stock
PG - Pistol Grip
POA - Point Of Aim
POI - Point Of Impact
Port - Portuguese - product of Portugal


Rhodie - Rhodesian - product of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)
RKBA - Right to Keep and Bear Arms - USA 2nd Amendment

SA - South African - product of South Africa
SA - SemiAutomatic - only one bullet is fired per trigger pull (but the next round is loaded automatically)
SA58 - DS Arms version(s) of the FAL
Sarco - Sarco, Inc. -,
SAW - Squad Automatic Weapon
SBR - Short Barrel Rifle
SBS - Short Barrel Shotgun
SMG - Sub Machine Gun
Steyr - Steyr Mannlicher International Arms -
StG - SturmGewehr - German for "Storm Rifle" or "Assault Rifle"
StG44 - Sturmgewehr 1944 - First assault rifle ever invented (7.92x33mm caliber)
StG58 - Sturmgewehr 1958 - Austrian version of the FAL (metric pattern)


Upper - in a FAL, this is the receiver - the part where the bolt carrier slides (without this receiver, it's not a gun)


WECSOG - Wile E. Coyote School Of Gunsmithing - inexperienced, non-expert (possibly incompetent) gun builder

Go Vols!

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You should amend your AK section. You forgot to mention the AKM. Also instead of designed you should have adopted because the rifles were designed earlier. The 47 is short for 1947 the year the Soviet Union made it their standard infantry rifle although it really didn't enter service until about 1951. Also the AK is not a Battle Rifle, the FAL is a Battle Rifle the AK is a assault rifle. Below I have some basic descriptions which can be added too with more in depth detail if you like.

AK-47 = Milled receiver.

AKM = Stamped receiver adopted in 1959. (You forgot this one.)

AK-74 = Adopted in 1974. Stamped receiver 5,45x39.5mm

AKS-74 = Side folding steel triangular stock for airborne troops. Circa 1977

AK-74N = First AK-74 to have an optics rail mounted on the left side of the receiver which was used for mounting a night vision weapon sight.

AK-74M = The newest version, adopted in 1991 and part of the AK-100 series of rifles. Polyamide side folding stock and left side optics rail.

There is a whole lot of little things that differ between the first AK-74s up through the newest version. The Front Sight Bases (FSB), Gas Blocks/Chambers and Rear Sight Bases (RSB) were all changed several times through the years as well as the way they were mounted onto the barrel.

Originally the barrel components were pressed on and then pinned in place. The latest way is the press & punch attachment. These can be identified by the two "Dimple" marks on each side of the FSB, GB, RSB and the absence of pins. The muzzle brakes also had several variations. You could fill an entire book with just the variations and in fact someone has.
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