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Originally Posted by J308 View Post

Aww, that doesn't look so bad!
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CZ 550 Safari Classic in .375 Holland & Holland. Not unmanagable, especially while I'm still young-ish, but reminds me of my cousin's old break action 10 gauge shotgun every time I shoot it.
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Originally Posted by Artful View Post

Aww, that doesn't look so bad!
Standing? Nope, doesn't look bad. Now, let's see her shoot it from the prone position.
Statism: Ideas so great, they're mandatory.

"What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence." -Christopher Hitchens
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Old August 25, 2018, 19:58   #104
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according to my friends ..........

my Model 70 Pre-64 Featherweight chambered in .308 Win

they say it hurts to shoot it, but I do not think so

I have a 1916 spanish mauser in .308 stripped down even lighter and it does not bother me to shoot

recoil can be subjective and selective
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El Argentino
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My Mauser 1909 in 338 Win Magnum...….I took it to the range once....shot 20 rounds and my shoulder started to hurt so I stopped.
At night, while taking the shower I noticed that my shoulder was hurting with the hot water.....huge black bruise.... never shot again....

Now, on sale on Gunbroker.....

But is beautiful and accurate.....and not approved for my old bones.
Mi Buenos Aires querido........
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Old August 29, 2018, 19:23   #106
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Marlin 1895 in 45-70, but it must be a kitten compared to the other pieces shown and mentioned in this thread.

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Old September 23, 2018, 07:46   #107
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458 weatherby mag my father built on a mauser receiver.Damn near jumps out of your hands if you dont pay attention!
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Old September 23, 2018, 08:55   #108
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Currently, H&R break barrel .45/70 (standard 22" barrel) with +P loads. But I used to have another H&R, an early Huntsman in .58 that had been cut down to 16" barrel. Weighed about 5 lbs and I used heavy bullets and large powder charges in it.

I had a .30-06 for awhile that kicked pretty hard, too: a Ruger M77 Mk2 International carbine. It was pretty light.
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Old September 23, 2018, 14:04   #109
Uriah Lee
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Had a 416 Rigby that was quite stout with recoil. Follow up shots were easy up to about three. And then enough was enough.

The real beast was an old Ruger number 3 lightweight carbine in 45/70. I think it was less than six pounds. Standard loads were bad enough, but I had to try really hot hand loads. That thing would water my eyes and produce copious flow from the old snot locker. Left a sizable shoulder bruise as well.

Another hard hitter is a 16" full stock carbine in 30/06. Man, I swear that muzzle flash could be seen from outer space.
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Old September 23, 2018, 18:15   #110
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Have a 20mm Anzio rifle that gives quite a push but manageable,the one I did not care for much was a 300 Win Mag I had. Quite a punch to that one


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.338 Winchester Magnum and .444 Marlin
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Shot most of the big English calibers right up to .577 with the three inch 750gr bullet 100gr cordite loads. Full cordite loads seem to have a different recoil impulse than those loaded with domestic powder like IMR 3031. Big fireball also adds to the drama. Nothing worse than if you were playing man sports with a butterball fat girl under the sheets. Lots of movement but no pain.

For worst kickers I nominate two:

Winchester 95 in .405 Winchester with a steel butt plate. Would not take one for free, no matter what the value or who had owned it. Shot a couple of these with full loads and just plain brutal. The worst of the worst. Neat caliber though.

Ruger 77/44 in .44 magnum. This probably extends to any .44 magnum carbine of the same weight. Just nasty flinch inducing recoil. Nasty. Never could hit a thing with mine it was so bad. Stock design adds to this to be true. BTW can only talk about 300gr loads, never had any ambition to try any thing else. Left this rifle with a freind in Alaska when I went to Africa to stay. Came back and he was no where to be found. Probably this POS Ruger beat him to death.
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I've got a couple of Winchester 71s in .348 WCF that try to rattle my teeth every once in a while when throwing some 250gr hand loads down range, but they are pussycats compared to a few old German "Stalking" rifles I've got. 9.3x62 can be downright nasty in a sub 5 lb rifle. All of the big stuff I shoot was designed for heavy recoil, so it's usually negated. Those 9.3s out kick the .500 Jeffery double, the .416 Rigby, the .375 H&H, the. 577 NE, even my 16lb .50 bmg kicks less. But they are a hoot Almost forgot, going 10 rounds with Brother Wayne's 45-120 sharps rates right up there too, why on earth did I decide to shoot that thing from the bench?
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.500 A-Square launching a 600 grain bullet over 113 grains Reloader-15.
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Originally Posted by M60D View Post
Have a 20mm Anzio rifle that gives quite a push but manageable,the one I did not care for much was a 300 Win Mag I had. Quite a punch to that one
I always wanted to try a 20mm Anzio and compare it to my Lahti.

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It depends: Benelli Supernova with 2.75 slugs @ 1600fps doesn’t bother me when standing, but I once thought l’d check POA/POI at 100 yards from the bench. Done after 3 rounds. Never again.
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I've shot Barrett M82a 50 BMG, a single shot .50 BMG, Springfield Trapdoor ,45-70, Win .300 Mag, Marlin 45-70, had no problem with blast or recoil, but the worst by far were .30 Cal's.

A Ruger 77 International in .30-06: 18" barrel and very light. Kicked my ass both standing and at bench rest.

Enfield Mark IV in .303 Brit: From a bench bruised my shoulder (held tight) and hurt shooting standing.
"The safest place to be is behind Mississippi when he fires that thing"
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Mossberg 835 12 gauge Ultimag shooting 3.5" turkey loads with 2 oz of #5 shot.

Best Drop 8 time, 9.41, 8 for 8
6.5 Grendel AR15
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