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Enfield mk4no1 (f) where are magazines?

Did a small electrical job for a client and took partial payment of an Enfield Mark 4 number 1 missing a magazine. Where is the best place to get an original or working reproduction? Pro mags make me nervous and Sarco doesn't have anything in stock. Any help is welcome. Thanks
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Have you tried Numrich?

Check with Springfield Sporter too, I checked and didn't see any magazines, but you might want to contact them.
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Or these?
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Try Liberty Tree Collectors.
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The Promag magazines look decent, I have one of them. At least they have nice, stiff springs. Some of my WW2 mags have springs that leave a lot to be desired.
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Old July 09, 2018, 11:33   #6
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hagar, my promag SMLE mag has a peculiar but interesting habit of shooting rounds out of the rifle as soon as bolt is pulled back enough.
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Don't have any Pro Mags, but sometimes you have to adjust the feed lips on smle magazines to get them to work.
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Old July 10, 2018, 06:50   #8
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In stock
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I found one for a friend at a gunshow, like 2 years ago.
Vendor had thousands of parts and many hundreds of various mags on his prodigious tables, but only 3 Enfield mags to look at.
Was told they are getting scarce in the wild.
I think I gave $60 for a very good condition original mag and the vendor would not take a penny less.
My friend was surprised when I told him he owed me $60.

Glad to see Sarco filling the void at a decent price.
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For originality, the magazines for the "SAVAGE" marked contract rifles are marked with an block "S". The Savage rifles/parts were all marked like that, when the contract ran out, all the parts were sent to the Longbranch plant in Canada. So it's not incorrect to see some Longbranch rifles with Savage parts. So yes, collectors are grabbing up original parts, there is only so many parts available and these rifles are not going to last forever. The rifle was designed to be loaded via stripper clips down into the magazine well, the brits only intended the magazine to be removed while cleaning the weapon. So that is another reason for the scarcity of mags, only so many out there.

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