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2018 boat progress

The weather is making a change from bitter cold and snow to wet and snow with occasional warm sunny days. These warm days, few as they are, have allowed me to get some work on the boat done.
Instead of reviving the original thread I will just continue with a new one.
Winter put a halt to my project of refurbishing the boat I bought last July but I did manage to get a few things done out in the heated shop.
The few warm days allowed me to seal the exposed transom wood with CPES, clear penitrating epoxy sealer. Before that I hosed the clean bare wood with Ethylene Glycol to kill any mold spores embedded in the wood, I cleaned and dried it well 24/7 for weeks with a shop vacuum to pull off vapor using a small ceramic heater then applied two coats of CPES. The sealer is water thin and the bare dry wood soaked up the first coat like a sponge. I will top it off with standard epoxy resin then epoxy bilge paint to finish it off.
Water got in from the rear deck draining down between the poured in flotation foam and the wood transom. The water had no where to go so it just sat there creating a perfect environment for mold and eventual dry rot. I mined out all the factory flotation foam in the rear section and will reinstall pour in flotation foam but this time I am making sure there is a drain path and an air gap.
I pulled the transom bolting and applied the CPES in those holes to ensure they were sealed. I will be installing new stainless steel bolts with nylock nuts and new silicone rubber washers. The original bolting was still sealed well but the original rubber washers were showing their age around the edges. New longer stern holdown U bolts will go in with 3/8 inch aluminum backing plates and 1/4 inch aluminum plates on the outside surface sealed with 3M 4200UV sealant. For anyone interested the 3M 4200Uv is terrific stuff way better than silicone. The longer reach of the U bolts allows the heavy duty backing plates giving a larger surface area. I will have no worry’s about towing skiers, tubers or whales. The transom is solid so no worry’s or need to replace it now. With the treatments it should last longer than me.
Details are real time killers as always. You think this or that will go quickly but it doesn’t. To make sure everything is as good as it can be takes time and longer than you initially may think.
Gunplumber turned me on to MarineTex last year for bedding rifles and it is the cats ass for repairs in general depending on what and where. I have four small holes to seal just above the bottom where a fish finder transducer was mounted and relocated that need to be resealed with stainless button head screws and MarineTex, I need to make sure not to forget these little guys. The screws they used were way too long and pointy right where the bilge pump hose ran, not a good senerio.
As it sits now I need good weather to apply the epoxy and paint to the transom and finish the flotation foam installation. Too cold is not good for chemical reactions to take place. As long as it is not raining I can still cut and fit parts so some progress can still be made. My main push is to get it sea worthy so I can go fishing. Details like fishing rod storage racks, down rigger mounting can wait.
I still need to pull the motor to reseal the mounting holes through the transom. I found that the trim and tilt shaft seal is leaking creating another detail to fix. I have all the parts I need but the weather needs to cooperate.
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