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Can anyone tell me which DSA SA58 This is?

My Dad is going to be attending an auction where this DSA SA58 will be available. Can anyone tell me what series/model this is just by looking? I won't be able to get any more specifics about it till later, but am trying to ascertain whether this one is a keeper or not. Can anyone tell me by looking if this is a desirable make/model? As it has a short gas system I tend to believe it may be a later model, but then again this is coming from an estate sale that would indicate the person that owner it had it for a long time.

Thanks in advance, Scout.

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Mosin Guy
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Looks like a Shortened Gas System Para Fal or a Tactical Para Fal if the barrel is Fluted,either way it has the gas block moved back closer to the reciever for a shorter rifle package.
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