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Abnl bolt and breech wear - cause?

Having an odd problem with my favorite para: DSA reciever with DSA bolt carrier and Imbel bolt (low miles). Properly barreled, headspaced by a knowledgable smith. Also inspected and test fired by DSA during the lower recall a few years ago and declared a 2 MOA rifle.
Abnormal wear is occurring on the upper receiver where the bolt face is contacting the upper receiver on bolt closure very firmly on what I will (perhaps erroneously) call the breech face. The bolt also appears to be riding too high as it approaches the breech and is slamming into the upper receiver just above the breech causing another wear point and galling. Finally the left side of the front face of the bolt carrier is just starting to contact the upper receiver.
My suspicion is that headspace and/or locking piece is no longer in spec. If this is the case I am at a loss to understand why this changed.

I had been running a DSA scope mount which hid this relatively new damage. Once I removed the scope mount to do maintenance I noted a broken firing pin and on additional inspection noted the above.
I dont see any other similar cases in the archives so my research didnt yield much. Any RKIs out there know whats going on? I wont be firing this rifle until this is fixed. I will talk to DSA this week. Thx in advance.
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What is the serial letter and number prefix of your receiver?
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Could not get any good pics and have never figured out how to post pics..

At this point this rifle looks like it is self destructing. Sad.

Such a huge difference in durability between my 20 yr old factory DSA STG58 and this newer SA58. No comparison in fit, finish, function.

Awaiting DSA's response.
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Well damn, I thought the DS prefix receivers were the older forged style.
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It sounds like you think that the bolt is moving more forward than it's intended lockup position, maybe? I would do some quick visual checks, if it was mine. First, I have seen where the bolt contacts that top of the receiver when it lands just into battery. Sometimes, this just needs a little relieving in the "hood" area of the upper receiver. But, sometimes not. I have seen where the cut was not finished on the rails (bolt rides on) just before the end of it's travel. This, then, caused the bolt to "ride up" under pressure from the spring, cant or tilt, then hit the hood. Check the very corners of the upper inside where the rails are cut (top of them) just before where the barrel would contact the receiver (up and to each side of the feed ramps). Just a start. Pics may really help here. You can start by getting a free account on the photo hosting site called Imgur. Upload your pics to their site, then copy/paste them into your thread from there. I generally use their bottom selection (for forums) and then click "Medium Thumbnail". Good luck.

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Excellent info FUU - thx. I will study the areas you suggested. Have the abnormalities you noted been just on DSA products or on other makes also?

I have been looking into archives and am amazed at the problems that have surfaced with some DSA receivers. Was not fully aware of these issues. GP has worked hard to shed light on the issue.

As far as age of the receiver I dont rightly remember. I put the .308s away once ammo hit $1/rnd and for a quite awhile lost touch with all things .308.
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