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Receivers - L1A1

What type of receiver's are LA1A builders using (Brit or Ausie) ?

It seems choices are limited in terms of manufacturer, with prices in two categories;

1) Older, forged, DSA LMT type, imported Argy, DGFM-FMAP (Rosario), marked CAI Sporter etc.

I would love an Argy on my Brit L1A1 but the fact is, it's not a CAI build & nor is it a Sporter. The other issue is, these receiver's are now going for $850 - $1000 ea. A tad high for anyone who is (say) building a $400, $500 or $600 kit.

2)So where does this leave us ?
Newer DSA in the $400 range.
Coonan in the $400 range.
Imbel at $550 from their US distributor.

However, there are issues;

Here's a copy of what I got from DSA, regarding their existing products, when I asked about Brit cut L1A1.

Hi Graham,
Technically any of the metric upper receivers should work with an inch kit. However, you may run into a few compatibility issues here and there. Unfortunately we do not offer an actual inch pattern receiver for an L1A1 at this time.

Unfortunately, I do not do my own builds, I leave that to Mark Graham (Gunplumber).

Coonan (supposedly) offer a Brit cut L1A1 but Mark advised he basically gave up on two of them, due to major fitting issues. However, he does seem to be able to fix DSA issues.....but in short, none of these are 'plug & play'.

I'm unsure about Imbel, though Mark seems to think these are the best receiver's available, without having to go into the $850 market. I think Imbel looks great on an Imbel....not too sure about a Brit L1A1 or if the even work on an L1A1 ??

What are the rest of you using or doing to overcome this issue ?


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