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Twilight Run n' Gun - Pawnee, OK

If you haven't run a night RnG, you're missing out. There are several aspects of doing a night RnG that are much more difficult than running one during daylight. Cody continues to design and run excellent night matches. This one (the 3rd Twilight RnG) proved to be exceptionally challenging. Nothing like have a good part of the trail inundated with water and mud. Even the pasture portion of the trail had a lot of water, in parts, nearly calf deep! Once again the course was a 2-loop course, meaning that you ran the same trail twice to get the 5K distance (actually closer to 4 miles, but who's tracking). To minimize wait times, each shooter was given a number with the odd numbered shooters shooting odd stages on the first loop and even numbered shooters shooting even stages. The next loop was just the opposite. Stage design requires a little more thought for night RnG and Cody's stages were well thought out, challenging and fun. Cody designed 4 stages that required accurate rifle fire and fast pistol shooting. The mud and water added another level of difficulty. There are some extra equipment considerations for night RnG. If you're a lowly poor fellow, you'll need a good headlamp for navigating the trail and good pistol and rifle mounted lights (the rich boys run Night vision in a separate division). Shooting the stages requires a little more strategy as well. Smoke (and some times dust) will obscure targets making transitioning to the next target frustrating as you have to wait a bit sometimes to acquire the target. Cody continutes to create shooting events that entertain and challenge. I hear that Matt, at the Lead Farm, is putting on a night RnG and there are rumors that others are being planned. If you want to add another level of difficulty to your competition regimen, get to a night RnG!

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Good report - thanks! I've shot a night 3-gun before, but never a RNG. I hope to change that one day.
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We used to shoot a night USPSA style carbine match locally but haven't for a couple of years now. It was big fun. I put an Aimpoint on a Ultimak mount on a rehabbed 5.45 Saiga with a Surefire out front. Big fun.
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Probably not allowed, but tracer rounds would be really cool for such an event!
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