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Review - DSA Para Carrier

DSA Para bolt carriers have always been hit-or-miss. I got another one in that was a miss. There was another thread on the topic recently here, which motivated me to document it instead of just fixing it.

I made a brief video on my phone for my FB Page. I'm going to try to do that more often. Not always as clear as my macro photography, but I think it shows better "this POS don't fit!

Fitting new DSA para carrier. Another wonderful DSA carrier. I just assume that all of them will need moderate to substantial fitting. But really - why nickel plate something that is out of spec? And they KNEW it was out of spec, because they machined the the back inside and the inside front left AFTER plating! yeah - I called that ones years ago - causes bolt to shift to the right on carrier closing.

So anyway, I removed the burr on both sides rails (entire length) caused by the cutting tool having the corners of the teeth worn or broken off. Sanded both sides so it slides smoothly.

To be fair, it is not unusual to do minor deburring on a new IMBEL to true the inside rails and the top of the R side e-block if it's proud - that's why I also used the Argy receiver, which came off a functioning rifle.

So now most of the external plating is gone - I'll sandblast the rest off and park & paint it. It still has the incorrect internal rear contour despite their attempts to change it post-production. We'll see if it's an issue. I think there is a reason factory carriers are rounded there and not a sharp angle. So I'd tend to copy what the smart guys put there, instead of changing it. But that's just me.
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It has become apparent that many gun parts manufacturers are doing little-to-none QC before shipping parts. Leaving it to the customer to figure out what “right” looks like, and banking on the reality that many customers won’t bother to ever pursue the issue if the product is flawed.

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Damn, people pay good money for new stuff, not NEW stuff that needs extra machine work just to be made to work!
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My experience...

Bought one from dsa for a modernized FAL build. Completely outa spec. I was fired up to say the least. I called dsa, customer service informed me that he had never heard of this problem before. Returned it w/zero problems, bought an argy from SARCO... right as rain. Thing runs like Swiss watch.
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You're luck you have "hit". All I've seen in the past 10 years have been "miss". I simply assume that it will have to be machined. You can eyeball them on DSAs table and see they're not right.
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