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Saw that last night, thanks, G3.
The stock looks like IWD or possibly some other US maker. Is there any way to confirm the stock is original surplus or not?

And it's kind of ugly. I may go with an excellent, thick wrist Fly stock for this one.
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Looks like my old pics got snagged too. Thanks for resurrecting:

00704 - Pre-ban Argentine FAL (FSL) that my father bought when I was a teenager in the 80s. He only ever shot a couple of boxes of ammo through it and gave it to me shortly after I retired from the Marine Corps in 2010. Pedro Bello only imported 50 of these Mark IV series FSLs (00700-00749). I only shoot this rifle once a year now at the Stimp's annual FAL Match and it gets cleaned, lubed, and put back in the safe:

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My Argy

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My Argentine FAL
I just got this in a trade on 12/23/17. I'm a new addict to the FAL hobby. It is an Argy Model IV kit with matching numbers on a Coonan Receiver,
A 9mm MIGHT Expand, A 45 Will NEVER SHRINK!
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