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norinco sks #1

In my every 18-36 hour email "spam" from CDNN they are listing some auctions on gb. Norinco SKS serial #1 is in the listings...

Wonder how it shoots?
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I'll take my factory/26\ 10mil
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It's the first rifle from factory 326 built on year 25 (1980), maybe not #1 overall, but still #1 from 326 in 1980. Never seen one that low from any factory before, neat for sure.
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Old May 20, 2017, 20:30   #4
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It's just an SKS.
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Still just an SKS, and still shoots better than the best of the AKs.
" .... basically you'd have to take them head-on, penetrating 4-6 'yotas per round, to avoid wasting ammo." - Enquiring Minds 11/15/15
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