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Remington 511

just picked this rifle up for $150.00 and a barrel date of 1/1947. The bore had some powder fouling from being shot recently but cleaned up nicely. My question is this, the lands in the bore are quite faint, not pronounced like you would find on a new rifle. Is this normal or is the barrel shot out?

It passes the bullet test with ease but I can't shoot it until tomorrow.

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The Colonel 1C16:13
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I have one and will take a look down the barrel when I am home this weekend to see what the rifling looks like, but it is a tack driver.

I will also add that mags are hard to find, so don't lose or mess up the one you have. I have forgotten the details, but mine came without a mag and I remember it was a struggle to find one.
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I have a 510 and 2 514's. All 3 have shallow, but sharp rifling.
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Have my uncles old 511 "Scoremaster" and it is the same story, shallow rifling. Excellent shooter.
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Brownells sells or sold until recently mags for these, made on original tooling as far as I can tell, only difference being an "R" on the baseplate instead of "the script "Remington".

Shooting will tell you if the bore is good, but I suspect it is. These guns will easily shoot MOA with any quality ammo.
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Old March 15, 2019, 12:36   #6
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Range report requested.

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Timber Wolf
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Congrats, you have a fine rifle. I have three of these (two 511 and a 511P), a 521T, a 513, and a couple each of the 510 & 512.* All are from the same receiver/family. They differ in sights, barrel weight, feeding (single shot, tube feed, magazine) and stock length/weight. Mags should not be hard to find but are not as cheap as they once were. I think 6 & 10 round versions are available, I bought both a couple of years back.

My daughter is doing good work with the 521T (basically a short stocked youth model 511 with better sights). I enjoy shooting it myself. If in good condition you probably did well at $150.

*Yes, I have a problem. Time was when I went to a gun show if I could not or did not buy something else I could at least leave with a $40, $60, $80, $100, etc. .22 rifle. At least they are cheap to shoot again.
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Good old rifles. I have a tube fed 512 sportmaster that shoots great.
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