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Post Belgian? Fal slings on EBay.

Not mine. Found these on EBay. Not sure if they are original, but thought I would share if someone is looking for one. You don’t see them a lot, original or reproduced. I had an original once, but the tabs on it went all the way across.

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Well, if I were selling those as "close to NOS Belgian slings", I would have at least 3 or 4 pics up close and not blurry. It's been some years since I've had a Belgian sling in my hands and I distinctly remember there was something kinda' "heavy duty" about the rivets/brass that was what set them apart from the repops. And, I think that the ones I had, the rivets (and possibly brass fitting) were "blackened", IIRC. Lastly, I also remember the Belgians slings had a nice feel about them above the repops and the edges were distinctly more round, too.

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I agree. The one I had wasn’t NOS, but the tabs and sling were the same color.
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Lee Carpentieri
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Belgium Sniper slings on Gay bay

EX-1 used to sell them here on the Fal Files.
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Orion the Hunter
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Are they real or knockoffs?
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Old January 31, 2018, 12:23   #6
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Those look exactly like the ones I used to get.EX1
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Old February 03, 2018, 12:21   #7
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Originally Posted by Orion the Hunter View Post
Are they real or knockoffs?

Some of the earliest Belgian rifles wore Khaki colored No4/Enfield Slings from Commonwealth Countries(MAAP). Most were WWII or early 50's dated. Some had keepers sewn in, some did not have keepers sewn in.

It wasn't until 1952 until the Belgian Army started producing their own web slings and those were ink stamped with 50's date and "ABL". Those slings usually had blackened brass hooks/tabs and were OD/Green in color.

The repro Enfield slings being produced today are of a lighter material and weave compared the the tight heavy cotton canvas webbing of WWII and 1950's. Very easy to tell the difference in hand. The brass hooks/tabs/rivets on the originals are thicker and better quality than the repros too. I know of no repro enfield slings with keepers sewn in.

Nothing special about a typical Enfield sling with keepers sewn in as standard practice for any issued Belgian rifle to wear one. Not synonymous to anything "sniper" related either.

If the slings pictured are anywhere near new, they should still have the original date/maker's ink stampings on them and have a degree of tarnish on the brass hooks/tabs/rivets.

I'd say slings are authentic, but nothing special and definitely not new if void of original ink marks.

Paco's auction here shows a typical issue Enfield sling (1943 dated)on Belgian rifle:


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Old February 04, 2018, 04:53   #8
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Belgium used UK and USA good in lend-lease programs right after ww2.
Since everything was looted by the Germans they had to start from scratch.

I have seen the UK slings in use till 2000 on the FAL para's in the trainingschool voor commando's in Marche-les Dames.

Some had markings, some didn't. They were also used on the demilled Lee-enfields for clothed swimming exercise. The tabs sling were issued on the sniper M1-M2 FALs

My FAL on the toppic above came out a trade with the Belgian army. Original stuff...
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Old February 12, 2018, 13:26   #9
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This post reminded me that I have one in my spares box that I may have bought from EX1 back in the day. It's exactly the same but also has markings on the back side. Looks like Z.L.&LTD then a number and an arrow in a circle stamped in ink. Is it former British and then reissued by Belgium ?
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Wow. They got bid up to $100.

Pricey or no?
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