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Old April 15, 2018, 19:18   #1
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Anyone own a SIG 226 in .357sig?

Would like to hear anyone's thoughts on how the 226 shoots, functions in .357Sig. I am sitting on 5k new primed nickel cases that I bought for 5.1 cents a case so would like to get a metal framed friend for my G31.

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Old April 15, 2018, 19:55   #2
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Yes. My agency has issued .357 Sig P226's since 2007. They have been largely trouble free through a lot of use. The cartridge itself has been a good performer in our shootings.

We are going to the 9mm, and I will be listing a couple of P226's in .357 Sig soon. One nice thing is that Sig P226 magazines in .40 are fairly cheap used.
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Old April 16, 2018, 00:21   #3
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Thanks KOAM, I think I will start looking for one while collecting magazines.
Most people will give up freedoms for the perception of safety until they are no longer free or safe.
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Old July 07, 2018, 21:49   #4
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I know the mags are the same but Does the 357 mag use a different follower than the .40?

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Old July 08, 2018, 14:05   #5
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I have a 226 and a 229. both in .40. The mags are stamped Sig Sauer 226 .40, .357, Sig Sauer 229 .40, .357.

So, I think the followers are the same, for both calibers.
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Old July 08, 2018, 22:40   #6
Vaughn L. Allen
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I like mine!
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Old July 08, 2018, 22:59   #7
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Yes and while I like it and itís been trouble free- it doesnít get used much as I donít reload for it and donít regularly shoot .357 Sig. My gosh is it LOUD
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Old July 09, 2018, 00:31   #8
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Not a P226 but a few P229's purchased in 40sw but added the additional factory 357Sig barrel since the mags were marked for either round.

Had to swap out the barrel to qualify with and have that caliber on my CCW.
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Old July 09, 2018, 08:32   #9
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Something like this:

Would allow you to get to where you want to be. Add a 357 sig barrel and a new spring kit and you would be testing the caliber at a decent price.

Or new. Just a suggestion for your consideration. FYI, I am not affiliated with AIM. Just a happy user.
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Old August 31, 2018, 22:20   #10
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I wanted a P226 in 357 Sig, but I don't see it listed on Sig's website anymore.

So I bought a new P226 40SW a few days ago (Model E26R-40-BSS) and swapped out the barrel with an OEM Sig 357 Sig barrel.

It's a sweet shooting pistol.
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Old August 31, 2018, 23:56   #11
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My SIG 226 in 9mm is my favourite 9mm semi-auto.
I bought several used LEO 9mm magazines for cheap after the big switch to .40 some years back, and the smaller rush to .357 SIG started.

I could get a .357 SIG barrel for my .40 cal 229 but was never really that interested, mostly due to ammo prices and availability.
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Old September 01, 2018, 03:46   #12
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I have three brand new Sig Sauer .40/.357 marked, 10 round magazines. PM me if interested.
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Old September 01, 2018, 08:45   #13
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I would love to have a SIG 226 in 357 SIG and would be willing to split those cases up with you and would pay you at least 50% of your money back so it's not a total loss. ;-) Have three SIG 2022's in 40 Smith, two in 9mm and two in 357 SIG. Cool thing with the 2022 swapping from 40 to 357 is nothing but swapping the barrel. Magazine, recoil springs, nothing changes. Only thing have done to my 2022's is replace the plastic spring guide with stainless and shot the crap out of them. They are my primary carries and one of each caliber is a Tacops TB with the tall sights and threaded barrel.

The 40 and 357 hold 12 rounds in factory mags and +2 floor plates can be purchased aftermarket but after a lifetime of carrying seven or eight round capacity 1911's and five or six round wheel guns a dozen rounds is plemty. Right now am wearing a 2022 in 40 with 11 rounds in magazine and ine in the chamber with two spare mags loaded 11 rounds each weak side. Testing against body armor and barriers 357 SIG is a deadly round with quality projectiles.

After burning two NIJ Level 3a vest panels with every round of 357 SIG defeating it all of my vests now have 8"◊10" or 6"◊9" Dyneema special threat plates now and 5.5"◊11" NIJ 3a soft trauma panels over spine. Several vests had pockets sewn on back just because of my testing with 357 SIG. It is a bear to stop with covert soft armor. Suprised it hasn't been defined as a "cop killer" round and regulated.

Finally added a SIG P220 Pro Hunter with the integrated red dot sight and 1/3 cowitnessed iron sights to the collection and it's another armor eater. If anyone around here offers up a 226 in 357 SIG please PM me and will try to make it work. Would like to add to my fleet. I would consider going from 357 SIG to 9mm a significant downgrade for someone that can handle a snappy pistol. Advantage to the 9mm is higher capacity and fact 9mm ammo has improved greatly in recent years. Some will even burn Level 3a armor it's improved so much.

My 9mm 2022's are mainly for wife to use as suppressor host and have one full size defensive pistol. She has three Walther PK 380's which is about the smallest pistol she can shoot with her degenerative bone disease and not break bones. The 2022 with an Osprey suppressor she can handle and would only shoot one unsuppressed if life and death situation and closest pistol to her. She keeps the 9mm Tacops TB with suppressor on night stand and Walther PK 380 under her pillow.

I run my 10mm and 40 Smiths with an Osprey 45 suppressor, she uses the Osprey 9 on the 9mm Tacops and on occasion I borrow for use on my 357 SIG but the Osprey 45 is almost as quiet with the 357 and 9mm to my ear but sure the dB meter would say the Osprey 9 was quieter with the smaller bores. I personally choose to run SIG factory magazines and not try to save a few bucks on aftermarkets. Also use SIG accessories like magazine pouches and retention holsters. So all the 357 SIG's, ammo and brass people want to part with will do my best to help them lighten their load. Good score for a nickle each for new primed cases.
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