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Near Sighted Sniper
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Bought my 1st ACOG...

I picked up a barely used 4x32 tan ACOG with the green chevron reticle for a grand yesterday, I was looking at them on SWFAs sample list the other day & almost bought one from them that was in the $1300 range. The guy said that Trijicon just recently got rid of their MAP pricing & that prices are coming down.
Ill post a pic of it on my ACR tomorrow.
What do you guys think?? Did I do good?
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Is it a surplus or a commercial acog ?. I've found a handful of 4x32 acogs with chevron ( red ) for $500 each that were "surplus". Damn nice cqb sights.
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Green chevron is most likely commercial.

I would stray away from a well used deployment ACOG. ACOGs are durable, but chance are the tritium is toast and there is a higher chance that there will be issues with the elevation/windage adjustments.

Congrats on your purchase!

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Tuscan Raider
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Box and paperwork?

Acog's are sweet. Have 2, but it helps to know and have all the above.

Enjoy. You will want another.
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Best all around optic in my opinion.
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D P Six
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I liked my ACOG a lot in the years after I bought one (late 1990's) but with aging eyes and no diopter adjustment my ACOG now has only limited usefulness for me.
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Originally Posted by Falfan2017 View Post
Best all around optic in my opinion.
Agreed. As pricey as they are they're amazing optics. Hard to go back to anything else IMO.
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