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Fal Extractors Need identification Please- inch or metric - (( Figured it out))

Hi All

Found these extractors in the bottom of a box of parts .. is this Inch or metric ?

If more pics are needed post it here and i will put more up..

Top Extractor

I did some digging and found were Gunplumber had said about extractors L1A1 extractors have the flat on the underside behind the claw. Metric are convex on the underside behind the claw

Metric extractor

Bottom extractor [B]

Inch Or Metric

Inch extractor

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Inch Top

The bottom one looks metric with the wing removed, but I reserve the right to be wrong.
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Something bothered me about these photos. So I did a little research. The top extractor is indeed a metric, but like none I've seen. The claw looks like the Aussie or C1A1 type 2. The bottom one is an Aussie type 3.
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I had picked up one of the wing-less extractors from GPC a while ago, what is the significance of it being wing-less? product improvement?
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