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depth of Browning 1907 chamber

I have a very nice Swed 1907 with original blue and no import marks. No 380 marks either, barrel original with SN matching. Just to be sure, I need to know the depth of the chamber from the barrel hood to the chamber end.
Does anyone here have an original in 38 Browning long they could measure and post the depth. A standard reloading caliper works well by the way. Thanks in advance.
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Cartridge length is .79" to .80" rimless(or semi-rimmed according to source).....longer than a Parabellum but shorter than most 'long 9mm' cartridges. 9mm Largo, 9mm Steyr, 9x23 Winchester, .38 Super, .38 ACP/.38 Super(semi-rimmed) are all some what longer. The .380 ACP is listed at .680"
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