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I understand what you are saying and agree. My children (guns) that shoot the same caliber (for the most part) are going to have to like the food (ammo) I give them. There is no way I have the time or resources to determine what "they" like best.

Like wise- I know many shooters spend a zillion dollars (OK- perhaps a slight exaggeration) to accurize their guns, then shoot crap ammo in them expecting great results.

I have gone from target shooting to having fun banging gongs. It has taken a lot of frustration out of shooting and put the fun back in it. I remember on several occasions shooting target groups and being pleased with them, only to fire one last group with the end of my ammo. Suddenly, for NO apparent reason, the group opens up into a total disappointment. WTF???!? I scream to myself. OK- till next time - I'll have to bring same gun and try again....ERerrrr.......
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Originally Posted by hkshooter View Post
This is interesting, if a bit scattered around.

Let's see. Substantial difference between the various barrel lengths you listed? No, not really. Maybe depends on how you define "substantial" but I'd say generally, no.

I had one of those oddball Bushy uppers, one with the 11.5 barrel and 5.5 giant useless flash hider. Thing was 1 moa off a bag with my cousin behind the trigger. 55gr ball. Darndest thing I ever saw on a gun range. Well, almost.

My days of group shooting seem to be over, it's a struggle to see well enough for groups. In that vein, if what ever I'm holding can keep it's rounds inside a paper plate, the big ones, not the snack size, at 300 yards with me behind the trigger I'm happy. That seems to be about my limit.

I find the bullet weight discussion chuckle worthy as best. If SHTF nobody is going to be rolling their own custom length/weight ammo for a super special rifle so they can shoot a gnat's ass at 300. Most likely what they'll find after they've run off with a bag of gear and a rifle is plain Jane old 55gr ball. After all the stores have been raided one will be left to scrounge what he can pilfer, steal, kill to get. Maybe pick up a some half loaded carelessly dropped mag. What's likely to be in that mag and found in small caches here and there will be simple 55gr ball. Your rifle better be able to shoot it.

I have most of a 1200 round can of the old Norinco 55 gr stuff. Won't keep all rounds on a paper plate at 100 no matter what I shoot it out of. It's simply make-noise-and-blast-the-shit ammo until it's gone. But if worst comes to worst it still goes bang and will F up one's day if he's hit.

But then maybe that's off topic here. Oh well.
Yes, to all of the above.
"Practical accuracy" vs "paper accuracy".
Tha most important thing about any AR,,,,,,,,,,,,it holds a 30 round magazine.
The best thing about any AR, is a "full" 30 round magazine.

This gun accuracy thingy/discussion is easy.
You may find me dead in a ditch one day, on my knees, but I will be up to my waist in spent rifle brass.

It ain't the firearms they are wanting to be rid of, its you!
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Uriah Lee
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I have an XP177E2 with a 11 1/2 barrel in 1/12 twist. It shoots 55gr exceptionally well, but it can also lob any ammo used at ranges I would need to use it. I opted for a rate of twist for the ubiquitous 55gr loads. I have other rifles for the heavier weights. Terminal ballistics can be devastating with 55gr and 1/12 twist.

HKshooter hits it on the head agout 55gr being found anywhere in a SHTF scenario. And if things come down to that, my little friend will be part of my loadout kit. Accurate at resonable ranges encountered, and along with a quick detachable carry handle mounted optic to assist in longer situations if my againg eyesight fails me, it fills the bill.
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Have three friends who spent years as either Chief Petty Officer or "Senior Chief" (all GA Tech graduates), two former Delta Force and half a dozen from 75th Ranger Battalion. Amazing how many Rangers married girls from Dahlonega when doing their rotation as Cadre at Camp FDM then moved back when retired. Most of them can shoot well most every day as we're not allowed the luxury of a bad day on "the range" quite often and live to retirement. Love putting my favorite builds in their hands and watch the magic.

When go to range and watch folks shoot then read posts at something seems amiss. How can most I see at public ranges hardly keep rounds on paper but their rifles all shoot 1/2 MOA on discussion groups. I have good days, bad days and inconsistent days. I appreciate HK Shooters candor. At age 50 met a man in his late 70's who shoots mostly 22 Hornet and can put ten rounds through same hole if wind is not blowing but other than home defense has sold off almost all repeaters and bolt rifles bigger than 223/5.56. He has taught me a lot including that I needed to go ahead and be ready for the day I can't swing an MBR anymore except off a rest.

Why have built and almost perfected the 6.8 spc II AR 15 as has the knock down to get job done in most situations but light, easy to carry, hold offhand and recoil is very tolerable. Expect the 18" 6.8 spc II in Mk 12 Mod H trim to be my MBR when hit mid 60's on to as long as able to handle a poodle shooter then will have my compact 5.56 rifles for final stages of life if need to defend the home of an elderly shut in couple. Still want the rifles to shoot well even if I can't but as optics increase in features and options who knows, may self range and dope for wind without user input beyond making sure trigger breaks clean.
A time will come when people will not listen to accurate teachings. Instead, they will follow their own desires and surround themselves with teachers who tell them what they want to hear. 2 Timothy 4:3 G.W.T.
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