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V guy
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SCOTUS Refuses to take up Maryland's AWB

The SCOTUS left in place the lower court ruling that allows Maryland or any state, to ban EBR's and large capacity mags.
In Maryland, I guess that a detachable mag and ONE feature like a pistol grip, is legal, along with 20 rd mags-- if purchased out of state. That applies to all semi's.

Machine Guns continue to be legal in Maryland, too.
Much better than NYS for sure.

SCOTUS did this, by agreeing NOT to hear the appeal, not because it decided that the law was legal or illegal, in Maryland.

It just left in place the lower court ruling for Maryland, that said they're were illegal THERE, and deferred a big decision vs all states, for a few more years.

It basically allows states to ban Assault Weapons if any state wants to do so.

NYS banned full featured Assault Weapons, unless they are Thordsen stock equipped, and have no muzzle device or bayonet lug, a modification that means the gun does not have to be registered at all.
Ten round mags are the rule here. Registered guns and owners are few here also.

So the issue is not settled at all. I doubt that Cuomo will try to change the laws further here.

42+ states allow the ownership of EBR's and will continue to do so....those are the machine gun states.

The SCOTUS refused to hear an appeal to legalize the open carry of pistols in Fla; again deferring that to a later time, and to each state to decide.

On a positive note, SCOTUS also refused to take up the issue of the Mississippi State Flag that has the CSA flag in it, so the libs are pissed that Mississippi gets to keep its CSA Flag.

So this is all scardey-cat politics at this point at SCOTUS, and they are waiting for Trump to nominate MORE CONSERVATIVE MEMBERS.

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Acquisition Corp Dude
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The banned list is now actually pretty short and the register of what you can buy is getting longer all the time. The Rural cops want all the cool stuff they can get. You can buy any AR as long as its a HB. So far I've bought an EVO Scorpion, a SCAR 17, and 6 ARs. Cant buy a Galil SAR though. I buy all my mags up in Delaware where its tax free anyway.

The Maryland gun laws havent done squat for Baltimore, the laws are an abject failure and prove that gun control laws don't lower murder rates. Baltimore is close to breaking it all time murder rate we are at 315 for the year as of yesterday.

Nobody will say it but the recent gun law changes I believe helped elect a Republican Governor, hes a fiscal conservative and cuts funding for Baltimore everywhere he can. Other than that though hes pretty RINO.

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V guy
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As far as I can read, Maryland's law is pretty much like the Fed 1994 AWB, wherein a gun cannot have more than one evil feature, if it has a detachable mag. NO registration, just had to own them before 2013 or 1994.

That means a Pistol Grip and mag is legal, for a G3 or FAL in Maryland--no muzzle device or anything else.

I can almost see why SCOTUS said that this law is really no burden on Maryland, compared to NYS.......but it still leaves NYS'ers screwed.

Most of my REGISTERED guns are that way--dressed as POST '94 BAN GUNS, except my pre '94 ban guns, which are also REGISTERED.

That AR restriction that it has to say" HBAR" on it, is just a joke, eh?
AR-10's are unregulated?

NYS buyer has to rely on Thordsen stocks for AR's and full stocks for Saiga AK's, or Remington 7400 auto loader deer rifles, for new detachable mag guns.
No one has come up with a FAL or G3 that is legal yet to seel new commercially. That is why mine got registered, so I can keep them until I move to Pa.
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Low Speed, High Drag
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One of the youngsters wanted to bring his AR back to his new place in MD. I was surprised to see the law didn't read like I thought it would. Weapons built on receivers made before the ban date, aren't restricted. Additionally, while illegal to sell or transfer "high capacity" magazines in the State, it's perfectly legal to leave the State, purchase the magazines, and transport them back into the State. You just can't legally pick up a few for your friends.
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V guy
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It makes Maryland "a gun nirvana", compared to NYS!!

Hot Damn!!
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Yeah; but what hoops do you have to leap to register? Nowhere did I find a place/way for out of state resident to possess whatever !!? USTA be ebrs were handled like pistols? FOIDs, permit to buy, yadda yadda. Absolutely NO ccw

Then, there's the issue of "permanent" address. "Dock A, slip 1" doesn't compute for the PTBs

State forest range is within earshot of the dock. Virtually every weekend, I hear (what sound like) semi auto ebrs burrrrping away!

Was told a couple yr ago by an MD lawyer simply to sneak 'em aboard and not to do stoopid shit! Really don't wanna be a test case for boat as domicile case So..... seven months /yr, I go "nekkid"!
All or Nothing!
Senator McCarthy was right! and as always......FYB!
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