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Originally Posted by bubbagump View Post
... and if pigs had wings they'd fly. But they don't, and it isn't. Won't be anytime soon either. If you have a point to this little canard of yours now would be the time to make it.
I have made my point, but you choose to ignore reality and adopt what our own Ted Kennedy calls a comb-over for a world view.

But you're right about one thing. We're seeing it as I type this, coming out of the coldest winter in recent memory gas prices are about 60% of what they were a couple years ago
Bubbs gas prices have never reflected the real costs of maintaining the petrodollar (military bases, bribes and military aid) or the costs of multiple middle east wars to keep the oil flowing at favorable prices to the west and priced in dollars.
Instead of those costs being applied to oil products it is hidden in every item via more printed money and more debt.

If that was added in gas would probably be $10/gallon or higher.

Bawana jim; 'I was trying to get to the point he would realize that because of debt the world has improved.'

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Originally Posted by imacoonass01 View Post
Simple economics. The price of oil will just fluctuate according to supply and demand, until there is no more to get.
Or it becomes unprofitable.
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Originally Posted by TedKennedy View Post
Or it becomes unprofitable.
Probably not in the foreseeable future, unless we go back to harvesting whales and making everything out of bones and paper mache.
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