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FAL Automatic Locking Magazine Release - Troll Away

Hey FAL Files – Just wanted to bring you up to speed on a fixed magazine compliance device for the FAL that we have been working on for the past year. Now that our device is officially Patent-Pending, we are ready to let everyone here have a look at our progress and efforts to keep ‘The Right Arm of The Free World’ at least somewhat free here in California.

Not wanting to register my two bullet-buttoned FALs as AWs, I initially settled reluctantly on the neutered ‘featureless’ configuration for my FALs. Once they were in featureless configuration and realizing just how heavy and awkward shooting the FAL offhand is without having your thumb wrapped around the pistol grip to provide stability, I decided that featureless was not going to work for me and that someone really should invent a feasible fixed magazine solution for the FAL. Well I am proud to announce someone finally did – and that someone is me!

Without further ado may I present our FAL Automatic Locking Magazine Release (FALMR). The FALMR is a low profile drop-in replacement for the standard FAL magazine release lever. The FALMR is essentially an extended magazine release that features a ‘trigger guard catch arm’ that locks in place behind the standard FAL trigger guard when the FAL’s action is closed. With the FAL action closed the trigger guard physically prevents the FALMR from being actuated to release the magazine. When the FAL’s action is opened, the trigger guard moves down and away from the FALMR’s catch arm and the FALMR can be operated as a normal FAL magazine release. Easy-peasy!

In regard to reloading the FAL while using the FALMR - though the FAL's magazine can easily be removed once the action is broken, we recommend that the FALMR equipped FAL be used in tandem with a stripper clip top-cover, and that top loading is the preferred method to reload in lieu of opening the action and dropping the magazine. This should prevent undue wear and tear between the FAL's locking body and the receiver lug.

Advantages of the FALMR:

* A quick drop in compliance solution - installs in under 5 minutes.

* Low-profile design - maintain your FAL’s proper appearance.

* Avoid neutered featureless configuration - the FAL is way too heavy to for that mess!

* Magazine cannot be inserted when the FAL’s action is closed - may or may not be an issue with the Cal DOJ who knows - a non-issue with this design.

* Quickly and easily return to free state configuration when traveling out of state.

* No alteration to mag-well, no tack welds, no tapping & threading the receiver, no blobs of epoxy or other gimmicks.

* Fastest magazine removal of all Cali compliant FAL fixed magazine options.

* Not your old-fashioned FAL compliance device - can swing the FAL’s action open all the way - bolt removal/clearance is no problem!

Work is ongoing. We are still in pre-production phase and are tweaking the design slightly for aesthetics and comfort, however the aluminum prototypes we recently ran function flawlessly. We will soon have our production costs in order for steel versions of the device and will soon be ready to offer them for sale. We are also developing other California compliance products for the FAL rifle platform so stay tuned.

**The device has only been tested on metric pattern FALs - I still need to confirm fitment and function on Inch Pattern/SLR/Paras/other non-metric FALs. Shoot me a PM if you live in California, have one of these and would like to assist with this effort.

I would like to thank all FAL Filers who have provided excellent advice and who have shared their wealth of knowledge and experience with of the FAL platform over the duration of this project - specifically Lear70 & BigStick61!

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