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funny beat down

so you need a good laugh today ?

remove all liquids from the area,

click to start the video,jump to 1:25

that is where Steven Segal picks up a Oosic and beats the hell out of a guy,

a Oosic is a Walrus Johnson,

taking a beating is one thing but getting beat w/ a Walrus Johnson is adding insult to injury


Far better it is to dare mighty things,
than to take refuge with those timid spirits
that know neither victory, nor defeat.
Teddy Roosvelt

Pray for peace, but prepare for war.
Winston Churchill
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He was so skinny back then....... Lol
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Old June 17, 2018, 12:45   #3
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Seagal is clearly a strange one, one of Michigan's more unique and eccentric celebrities.

I lost him when he became a Serbian citizen, and then a Russian citizen. Enjoy your Cevapi and Shchi.
Three kinds of men exist: Those who wish they owned a FAL; those who own a FAL but wish it was a Para; and those who own a Para = Nirvana.
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Old June 17, 2018, 13:34   #4
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Originally Posted by garandguy10 View Post
He was so skinny back then....... Lol
We all were.
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Anybody seen Ritchie? Salty language advisory.

Don't spread our wealth around, spread our work ethic.........

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