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.308 Argentine Mauser

Someone is advertising this rifle (does one exist in .308?) for $125 in the local paper. What do you know about this rifle?
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Its probably a sporterized, rebarreled Argentine....Hopefully.

I say hopefully because the standard Argentine caliber is 7.65x53mm. It is very close in size and power to the .308. I believe that you could even chamber a 7.62x51mm (.308) round, but it would be extremely unsafe to fire.

If it is an Argentine Mauser, you need to know what model. Their earlier rifles were based on the 1889 action which is not as strong as the later receivers and has a single stack interntal magazine. It sticks out the bottom similar to the Mosin-Nagants. I definately wouldn't buy one of these for $125.

The 1909 is based on a slightly modified model 98 action. The real difference is the bolt release extends up the receiver and forms part of the clip charger. These are primo receivers and were in high demand for custom builds. Very good. Worth a lot more than $125 unless its in bad shape.

There were also cavalry and engineer carbines which are worth more than the full length rifles.

I think we'd have to know a lot more to give you a fair assessment.
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I just traded away a pretty little 1891 argentine mauser sporter rechambered to .308. Consensus seems to be that the 1891 action was not built to take the kinds of pressures generated by modern factory .308, and are lacking the 3rd lug on the bolt. I believe the original 7.65 cartridge produced pressures similar to the .300 savage or 7.62x39. I've actually seen quite a few of these rifles at gunshows...and picked mine up "for parts value only" for around $75. Never shot mine but I've been told that if one handloads, it'd be pretty easy to work up a downloaded .308 using .300 savage loading data. Another consideration is bore diameter. Likely the rifle was not rebarreled, just cut down at the chamber and rethreaded so bore diameter is probably a concern. The 7.65 is somewhere around .311, on par w/ the .303 brit...but once again, a handloader could slug the bore and choose a suitable bullet diameter. So yeah, $125 seems steep, but if you handload, it could be an interesting project. - Matt
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Curio & Relic
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Okay, this again...

some points guys:

First deal is the 1891 was manufactured in 7.65
tons were imported, a fair share were rechambered to .308
this was dead common and to my best knowledge not a one has grenaded

Understand you are forcing a 7.62 diameter slug through a 7.65 bore so accuracy is subjective.

As far as action strength
Lord that myth started back in the 70s
Small ring actions are plenty strong
The 3rd so-called safety lug doesn't enhance basic strength all that much folks

The pre 98' Mausers were strong actions. Not quite as strong as a 98' but still tough.
You have the 91's, the 94's, 95's and 96 models
a fair number of South American nations rebuilt their 95's into .308
they saw serious service guys

Years ago I bought a Bannerman's .30-06 rolling block
these were built from mostly New York State militia actions. They cut the barrel off and threaded the shank to take a surplus Krag bbl then rechambered to .30-06 with extractor mods. I ran a few hundred rounds of USGI through it, never loosened up and that friends is a very weak action compared to a small ring Mauser.

Most of this started in the 70s with an answer in the American Riflemen's "Ask the Gunsmith" installment and has been repeated again and again since as gospel.
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Old August 06, 2017, 16:34   #5
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After WW11 we had tons of overseas firearm come to the US. Buying them by the pound for all most scrape prices. Well how do you sell a odd ball caliber. Well a simple answer rechamber them to 30=06 then to 308. After the war GI were looking for cheap deer rifles. During the Korea war we took 1000"S of 7.7 Jap rifles and rechamber to 30-06. And Bannerman also rechamber Mosin Nagants to 30.06 also they mix and match guns to sell. Century Arms is another that rebuild guns some good and some real bad. The Turkish Mauser Century Arms paid five dollars each. The 8mm ammo a penny a pound. The Swiss K-31 a average of sixty dollars each.
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As noted the 7,65 ( nominally .312 ) chambering in surplus rifles was often simply rechambered to ".308" buring the 60's and 70's. This happened with similar calibers too to 30-06 as well. In fact recently in my area on the internet a lady was trying to sell an argentine 1909 sportered mauser in 30-06. It was simply a 7,65x54 rechambered to 7,62x63 ( 30-06) with it's original .311/.312 bore . Surprisingly the typical .3085 bullet does decently . I have used .3085" bullets in .311 to .314 bores with varing degrees of accuracy to at least be able to hit minute of man at 200 yards and then some. Will that combo print sphinchter tight Good enough for deer under 200 yards...hell yes. Knew a vet whom gave me a jap 7.7 typee 99 rifle when I was a kid and he gave me the ammo he had been using in it after he brought it home..... all the ammo was 47 dated argentine 7,65x54 ball he had been using in his 7,7x58 rifle over the years without a hitch.
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Read somewhere that they didnt recommend commercial 308 in these though...
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i have the argie 09 in 30-06, had peep sight mounted, good to go.
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