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Government Shutdown - An Eyewitness Report of Anarchy and Mayhem!

Geez. I forgot I posted this almost a year ago until just today.

That's what happens when life gets busy.




It’s the 3rd day of Government Shutdown.

The animals at Central Park have been released for lack of food and water and health insurance. They quickly turn the suburbs into a jungle where few dare tread.

Office workers, forgotten and chained to their desks, scream in desperation as they begin chewing their own arms off to free themselves.

Tens of thousands of Women “Marching for Rights They Already Have” in pink hats walk down the empty streets while bits of unsigned legislation blow by like tumbleweeds. They fall silent as no one listens or cares. Feminism dies a silent and long overdue death as their homemade signs fall by the wayside.

Politicians stand in line at the Capitol, empty Starbucks mugs trembling in thin, shaking hands as they beg for spare change, while awaiting their meager ration of watery gruel.

Makeshift Farmer Markets spring up in intersections. Lowly administrative aids quickly create massive lines to trade staplers and sticky notes for food. It quickly dissolves into chaos as the few pitiful sprigs of bean sprouts are consumed by the vegans.

Blood sucking Accountants and Lawyers face off against each other for control of the high rises. They begin hunting each other with makeshift weapons. Skinned bodies are soon found dangling from street lamps with empty wallets hanging from their necks and business cards crammed between clenched teeth.

Two bums begin fighting over a half-eaten Big Mac. The fight ends violently when Donald Trump strangles Chuck Schumer to death with his own tie. Bloodied but victorious, Trump holds the burger aloft, screaming in joy, only to be overcome by the screeching bureaucrats who pour out from the nearby sewer drains and smother him with red tape.

The Postal Service begins looting local police departments. They mount weapons, spikes, armor, and the heads of Barbie Doll on their vehicles and drive down sidewalks. As fuel runs out, they soon turn on each other.

World War Two vets, refusing to allow the sacred ground that holds their memorials to be blocked off with barricades and orange cones of the Obama Administration, set up fighting positions and a steady stream of aimed fire from M1 Garands and Thompson machine guns surrounds them with a no man’s land 500 yards deep.

More Vets, bearded and grizzled, ride their iron steeds of Harley-Davidson through the yellow tape surrounding the Vietnam Memorial and begin covering their faces and arms with camo paint. Hundreds of rolls of barb wire is deployed to funnel the denizens of Washington into kill zones. Dozens of men in Biker Vests slip into the concrete jungle to begin taking ears.

The city turns in upon itself.

Bits of ash from burned regulations rain from the sky. The steady stream of screams grow faint as the mounds of unburied dead grow. Only the mournful wails of the living and the screams of freed zoo predators can be heard at night.

A torn and tattered American Flag waves silently in the breeze above the Capital Building as it burns.

The Lincoln Memorial weeps a single manly tear.

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Everything just keeps rolling along - what if they had a government and nobody came? Would folks find ways to make their own lives more burdensome?
Man is tormented by no greater anxiety than to find someone quickly to whom he can hand over that great gift of freedom with which the ill-fated creature is born.

- Fyodor Dostoevsky
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RG Coburn
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Yeah,I noticed the sun came up this morning and set tonight,like nothing happened. Looks like we can live without a large chunk of the govt.
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It might be a great time to cull the dead wood.
All my working life and I am sure most of you too have dealt with layoffs, companies going out of business or you job was exported overseas. We had unemployment or savings to fall back on during these difficult times while we busted our ass to find another job, at least I did. Normal people had to roll with the punches life landed, we got back up and carried on smartly.
So what makes a government employee think they are the lucky ones entitled to a life time job even when they suck at it or treat the working peon scum that pays their salary like the unwashed masses as if we are not good enough to receive there gaze.
We the working stiffs need some relief from the bloated over powering bureaucracy.
The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

Matthew 25:1 thru 25:10 Be ready!

The written word sometimes like poetry is never really finished but merely abandoned.

I live alone in the middle of nowhere with two dogs and a cat, what do you think about that.

The wind blows, the rain falls, the flag snaps its bravery in the dark as two dogs boil for attention at my feet.

Of course it is a true story. You just couldn't make up something like that, no way.
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Here's something that really pisses me off about Republicans.

They won't fight when they can win.

TWO YEARS, and they never pushed hard for the Border Wall when they could have gotten it. Instead they waited until they were outnumbered in one of the houses to take a stand and demand it.

Same goes for defunding Planned Parenthood. They'll talk a big game, but it went nowhere.

Now there is no chance.

It's like when they get the majority, they freeze. It's a 'holy shit! We won? What do we do now?' sort of moment for them. Meanwhile, the Democrats have a laundry list of shit to push for the moment they take office.
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