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Originally Posted by FNfreak View Post
PULL your traps so you have something to shoot with your new Thermal!!!!!! Trust's MUCH more satisfying!!!!!

Spent the weekend watching deer at 850 yards at 11pm on a moonless night grazing a field. (my pulsar at 4,2x could see subtle head and leg movement and directional head turns of the deer) ...My donkeys were at 80 yards snoozing while two rabbits grazed along the fence line...Some form of LARGE bird flew at several 1000 feet between clouds. My PHSYCHO neighbor ran his tractor around the field edge along the creek 400yards away at midnight thinking I wouldn't know he removed a few 100' of protected BUFFER. The video I shot of him is indisputable in court when DNR shows up to ask him why he is silting a trout stream and grading inside a protect watershed buffer zone!!! Thermal viewing at night is WHOLE DIFFERENT BEAST....

Enjoy my friend and share if possible!
A gentleman is leasing my pasture now. He and a friend kill feral hogs that they sell to a dog food company. They use ARs in .300 Blackout with thermal imaging scopes. He loved them and described detail much like you did. His friend is ex-Army Special Forces and has a friend who owns a company selling the scopes. I do believe he said they were Pulsar, not 100% sure. Due to his buddy's connection, he did say they got a $1100 discount, paying $2400 for theirs. Last winter they killed 600 pigs and were averaging $1000 a week for a while. We have a lot of pigs around here. Still.

A local man who traps pigs was at the dentist where my wife works. He described what he called "a sea of pigs". He said they had seen a group of several hundred that stretched across a small valley between ridges. A lot of pork on the hoof.
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No beavers in the traps today. May have got them all - plan to tear out the dam this weekend.
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Ripped out most of the beaver dam and broke a big hole into the lodge. No evidence that any beavers are left.

FLIR PTS223 proved to be defective - seemed to work until I took one sighting in shot then went dead. It is being returned - technology is cool but not very impressed with the quality control.
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