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Question Is this a good deal on a DSA para?

I have been thinking I want to add a few things to the collection before any election madness and panic-buying sets in.

It seems DSA has a bit of lead-time on new orders. I came across this on GB and it looks like a very good package:

I have a budget, but so far the price is below it.

Does this seem like a good deal? I have never bought anything from GB before, but the seller has an A+ rating.

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Sir, I am no expert on the going rate for DSA rifles, but many here are up to speed on that sort of stuff. This area of the forum does not get much activity. I suggest you post this up in the FN forum or the general rifle forum. I am sure you will receive many more replies to your question at one of those forums.
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Old April 03, 2012, 22:01   #3
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Thanks Skeeterbay - will do!
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Old April 05, 2012, 19:42   #4
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Bro. i8mtm, the other brother is right, you need to consult the FN Board experts about the rifle in question. From what I've seen so far, the FAL's with short or shortened gas systems may not be as reliable as FAL's with standard gas tubes. They have a great cool factor, but their practicality might be limited.
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That auction ended at a very high price. In recent months there was a Gunbroker seller in AZ posting NIB 16 and 18 inch DSA Paras for 1499. The one you linked comes with a lot of extras though but $2241 seems high. Maybe it's just a sign of the panic. It seems most dealers are sold out of black rifles of any kind especially the lower priced ones
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