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Tristar shotgus

I won one in a raffle. 3 1/2" semi-auto in camo. Who makes them? Any good?
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Tristar is an import company. There's no telling who made your shotgun without pics but it was probably made in Turkey. It's probably an copy of the Benelli.

As far as good is concerned, the Tristar Benelli copy was big in three gun for a few years and might still be. It's supposedly a little better than the Benelli
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John A
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Tristar is the importer. So, you'd just have to research and see who the actual manufacturer was.

They are likely made in Turkey.

I own several Turkish guns and they are good.

A tristar field, which is an O/U 12 gauge made by the same company that makes the Mossberg Silver Reserve 2 (which are also imported btw).

A Charles Daly maximag 12 gauge semi auto which has been a very good gun over the years. Being chambered for 3-1/2 inch shells, it didn't really like low brass handicap 2-3/4" shells at first. I had to order a replacement spring for it and trimmed the original spring a little at a time until it would cycle the weaker shells. Obviously I kept the replacement spring to keep in the box in case I ever wanted to use the 3-1/2" shells though is doubtful. But being an import, I wanted a spare nonetheless in case there came a time that I couldn't buy a replacement.

I have a canik S120 handgun which is a loose copy of the cz75. Great shooting 9mm.

A Sarsilmaz K245, which is my favorite handgun of all time.

An Emporer Arms semiauto 12 gauge which is now a good gun, though I've done several mods to it to make it more to my liking. But it has ate everything I've fed it from low brass to nitromags straight out of the box and my youngest son has now claimed it as his. I only gave $180 for it and I wish I had bought 2 of them now.
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