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Best Assault Pack

In a conversation the other day with a soldier the topic of the assault pack came up. He said that he really liked the Molle 2 assault pack and I just don't see anything about them that is all that impressive. What are the packs out there that you guys have experience with that are impressive.
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RG Coburn
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I have a SDS Molle II assault pack in 3 color desert. Its a decent pack. I like it better than Alice. Also have an older Dutch assault pack.That sucker is rugged as hell,but it rides really high on my back. Takes getting used to. I guess its designed to wear while also wearing a load-bearing harness.Lots of various military surplus packs on ebay right now.
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I really like the ILBE Assault Pack. I got two when they were around $20. As good as they are, they hang down far enough to interfere with my MOLLE belt, so I got an SKD Grunt pack and, while it significantly smaller, I can put everything I need in it for a day hike or an overnight.
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Maxpedititon Falcon II

Tough as nails.

If you can't win the fight with this, you deserve to get your ass kicked.

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I couldn't find just a salt pack, but I did find a set:

But these seemed even cooler:
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Originally Posted by W.E.G. View Post
Maxpedititon Falcon II

Tough as nails.

If you can't win the fight with this, you deserve to get your ass kicked.

Is that because it was made in Vietnam ?

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Have over 30 medium to full size packs and likely over 50 from day pack to expedition size total in all price ranges and ultra-lightweight to bomb proof. In the end they are all a sack with straps. Give me any name brand internal frame pack appropriately sized for load at the end of the day or the end of a month works.

Like boots for some reason have always gravitated to Italian made when can but climbing and backpacking rucksack are usually not earth tone colors or molle. The only tactical type pack have purchased in past year was a Tactical Tailor Fight Light*Operator Modular Pack because it's big enough to carry only what need and small enough at ~1,200 square inches. Can use it as a small pack with straps or attach directly to molle on rear of armor/load carrying gear and has enough room for a few days essentials, top and side opening, hydration bladder pocket, routing for wires if carry communications gear, etc.

If were shopping a true large tactical pack would be spending the $500+ on a Tactical Taylor and drag my @$$ to Washington State and have pack plus suspension system fit to my body and gear that would be under it. Having a pack professionally fit by experienced technician is as important as having ski bindings tuned by a specialist. Used to fit a lot of packs to folks along with custom boots and shoes. Many have have multiple suspension systems to fit bag to users torso size.

If have something want made custom or a product want modified their custom shop will hook you up. Have one of their plate carriers that is lightest full coverage carrier with my lightest armor but it's made so light is a limited number of mission piece of equipment. They make some items so light that user will trash after each mission rather than risk It blowing out if use too many times but weight saved is worth the cost if Uncle Sugar is paying the tab. My ultralight kit is put back for day world goes sideways and need to move my old @$$ faster than it likes to move.

It will attach to some of their bigger packs to extend range and capacity of them but have several camouflage pack covers can use on my top line mountaineering packs if we're to go on a walkabout so buying a big pack is almost senseless for me personally now. Most of my climbing career carried whatever pack my gear sponsor supplied which sometimes meant got an entire product line from new sponsor sometimes before last group was even broken in and dirty yet. Started with Wilderness Experience (bankrupted, resurrected, bankrupted several times) and in their day would have paid full retail had not been sponsored. Camp 7 was another pack company that sold mostly large specialty packs to military for long unsupported missions with some unique features like being able to put a person in them and carry while keeping hands free to fight if in a strategic withdrawl with wounded.

My all time favorite pack for sheer comfort with size range from tiny to 100+ pound equipment load capable were Ferrino Packs. If live in avalanche country they have breathing option with mouthpiece on shoulder strap that allows you to breathe for an extended time if buried in avalanche while wait for rescue by venting carbon dioxide out rear of pack and some have an "air bag" system that inflates when pull strap as avalanche begins which helps keep you on top of the pile. Others offer similar but Ferrino was first I ever saw these features. Have full range of Ferrino packs from two generations and when stick camouflage covers on them work for my needs.
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