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Downy Serviceberry - Amelanchier arborea

Neighbor has two of these trees dropping their fruit right now. Here is a quick quote.

Amelanchier arboreaCommon Name:*Downy Serviceberry

This deciduous tree grows in partial shade to full sun, and has alternate, simple, oval to oblong, 5-13 cm long leaves. Squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, mice, and at least 40 bird species either eat the fruit or browse the twigs and leaves.
Past few days have had so much wildlife flocking the area where these drop their berries am having to run off deer, geese, vultures, hawks and other animals do not want to kill. They are keeping the ground hogs, crow, squirrel and other vermin away much of the time so using commercial fireworks in my yard to run them out of his so the ground hogs come out, squirrel swarm and crow show up early morning then again late evening. Killed five ground hog total Friday and countless squirrel. Past twork days flushing the geese has been a chore as they literally attack the ground hogs and squirrel. Crow and ground hogs will share the same droppings or choose separate trees.

Since my outpatient the neighbors yard has been a killing field which about sunset starts bringing in the coyote to clean up the bodies where I create dead coyote which draws more in and next morning the field is clear of bodies and restart the process. Discovered in identifying these bushy trees that Georgia gives them away in containers so people will plant to attract and feed wildlife. Going to load the Ponderosa with them in places with safe back stops so have more bringing in victims. Have killed more varmints in four days than most two week periods not counting when figs ripen and pecan trees drop mature pecans. Killing is a great way to recuperate from my surgery. May want to see if these grow in your area.
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Interesting. Moving into new place with big yard. I like replacing lawn work with stuff that could feed me. Might put in some of those. And mulberries. And some apple trees.
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"They are keeping the ground hogs, crow, squirrel and other vermin away"

I don't consider squirrels vermin, and 'ground hogs' (woodchucks ?) are perfectly edible.

With the price of food expected to rise in the near future, I'd reconsider not wiping out the small mammal population in your area.

But I'll have to research these service berry things, as the the small game population in my area is reduced to remnant populations.

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