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Sweat-proof holster for Ruger LCP?

Wearing my LCP in it's leather Bianchi IWB holster while jogging is ruining my holster and my gun from too much sweat.

Any suggestions on a replacement holster for this kind of activity? Ideally IWB so people don't get all scared at the mean looking guy with a gun running around the neighborhood.
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Plenty of Kydex iwb's out there these days. Not the most comfortable, but usable.

I used to wear a neoprene belly band when trail riding on my dirt bike. Worked well, even supporting my G21 and 2 extra mags.

Personally, I don't "Sweat", the sweat on my gat. A WD, CLP, wipe after the fact is good enough.
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I carry mine in a Smart Carry rig even while working out at the gym. Very comfortable. I forget I even have it on. Never noticed a preparation problem.
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