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Fitting Moses mag...

Found some Moses mags new in wrap I never got around to trying, and they don't lock in. Do I just file up on the bottom of the magazine locking lug 'till it fits? Surplus mags all fit great.
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Back when Moses was still around, he was very helpful in explaining how and why. He essentially made the mags slightly oversized to work in the loosest of receivers (he named which one he used as a guide....but I don't remember). Just take it real slow and refit often.

Also watch the left feed lip and its clearance with the bolt carrier. Some receivers (DSA) has the bottom of the bolt slide along and drop onto the very tip of the left side lip. It will bind the gun. If you're having a problem cycling the action by hand, let me know and I'll dig up the two big threads on how moses explains to fix it, and mine with a ton of pics.

I have 8, and I had to remove just a file swipe or two from the lip and lug on all of them to get them to work reliably in my DSA. They are all I use now. No malfunctions in the gun since I switched to them a couple years ago.
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