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Herr Walther
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Danner Mountain Light II's

I got an store card early this year but have never used it. For all the advertising of low prices because of "overstocks" I think it's all a bunch of BS when you can find the very same thing at Amazon or e-Bay for the same price or less any day of the week.

Well, they finally got my attention with a 20% off discount coupon, free shipping, and another 10% for using my card the first time.

I bought a pair of black Danner Mountain Light II's for a bit over $240. Not bad.

I'm not a Danner wearer and this is my first pair. I wear Meindl boots from Germany and I have a comparable pair of boots to the Danners called the 'Ortler'. Sewn down, Vibram sole construction using heavy-duty leather and double-stitch construction and a Gortex bootie sandwiched between the outer and inner leather lining.

The Danners are of nearly a one piece construction and have the Gortex bootie, but are unlined as far as I can tell from photos and limited description. Same type of sewn down Goodyear welt contruction as the Ortler.

I hope they fit properly.

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In Brown

I've got them and love them. They have a solid grip and plenty of foundation on steep and rocky terrains. Well worth the money in my book! Only thing that I could critique is the overlapping leather on top of the boot but under the laces. I'm used to it now but at first I would of preferred it to not be there. You got a pretty good price too!
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Old November 12, 2017, 08:14   #3
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I wear danner lights every day at work, they are some of the best boots I have ever worn....I have bad feet ( plantar fasciitis) and with my insoles, they are super...lifetime danner guy. Buy once cry once..except when your dog eats a new pair of danner acadias.....then cry twice
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Old November 14, 2017, 08:39   #4
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I wore a pair of Acadias in the firehouse for years until completely wore out. Bought a second pair since I liked first pair so much. Most uncomfortable boot I've ever worn! Only difference is the sole. The second pair came with a Vibram "waffle stomper" sole and seems overly stiff whereas the first pair had a more smooth sole. So, a $250 pair of Acadias sit in my closet gathering dust!

A friend who hikes the Appalachian Trail a lot has they boots you ordered and he loves them.
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