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Originally Posted by DSARMS_REP View Post
Umm - no. I'm an asshole, but I only post documented fact.

After you sit on a warranty repair for months, and return it to the customer with the same problem it went in for, where does it come? Yeah, to me. And as the disgraced "too corrupt for Chicago" cop, R1shooter (DSA's agent) said "gunsmith probably never even looked at it".

You post 25% fal stuff and 75% childish vendetta bullshit like "its the Chicago way"
Umm - google Chicago politics and criminal convictions, for an introduction into "The Chicago Way". Getting over appears to be a cultural norm, and has been for a century.

why don't you grow up and be a man and handle this like a man
You mean like careful photo documentation of every defect found, by serial number? Which I have done in this thread and my videos. Still have more to post when I have time.

Posting opinions without facts is anouther.
Please point us to any statement I have made that is factually incorrect.

gotta love those DSA receivers (DSA 34704)
T. Mark Graham, Master Gunsmith
Arizona Response Systems, LLC

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