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snowhawk jockey
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Belated happy Independence day!

Got out and rang the steel yesterday.

Got to share the lovely sound of hits with a new to steel shooter and she loved it! 200yd hits with the scout rifle, .308 and 3x on the forward mount, were her favorite. She got 4/5 and was very satisfied with the results.

Dialed in my 1022 conversion in 17Mach2 and it groups into 1", at 100yds!?! The wind will blow it off the 3" steel at 100, so gotta time the shots with the wind.
When the moment of truth arrives, KNOW that YOU are already DEAD! Then ACT, that you may save the lives of those around you. If you are lucky, or well prepared, you too, may survive to tell about it.

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Are We Awake ?
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Excellent !

A rut is just a shallow grave with the ends kicked out.

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