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Arming School Teachers

A can many are kicking this can down the road with odd ideas, this school superintendent has implimented the idea well. In their states cops are required to qualify once a year with a score of 72. His teachers must be licensed, firearms proficient, qualify three timessage per year with a minimum score of 80. Have known officers that except for qualification never shoot their firearms except for qualification and take multiple tries to shoot their 70 here in Georgia.

Unsure that I want cops with shotguns and AR 15's in locks that can't pass their qualification first run. Have the current Georgia standards sitting next to recliner and on bulletin board at work and shoot the course often. Like the school system in question we require our volunteer security guards at church to shoot 80% or better first run on the course which is the Georgia standard for la enforcement. If read the way it's scored longest range is 25 yards can drop all four shots at 25 yards and one additional shot at any other range but if shoot the 15, 7 and 3 yard lines clean your good to go. Most will get lucky and hit a single silhouette target or two at 25 yards really easing up stress on remainder of course.

Many will hope to get a couple hits at 25 yards and then coast on in at the close range shots. If they fail wait for next group and run it again. Some use a couple of runs as their "training" then by third try squeak through the course. Not all departments are so lax, the guy who runs the training locally makes sure his guys have their issues worked out before qualification so they get through first or second try. Some of the metro departments have heard of cops having to show up three days as process entire department before luck through a run.

Only difference our guys are not allowed to take multiple runs until luck through a single cycle. Till able to step on range a shoot a passing score first run out of the box don't get signed off to carry on campus.

To be issued a key to a rifle locker have to pass the Georgia Rifle qualification course. We have three official rifle locker positions and one unofficial that was our first given specifically on pastors permission and not all the security guys know it exists, just the original "old team". Odd the rifle course only requires shooting ar 50 yards longest distance. The transitioning from rifle to handgun task seems to cause most issues.

We have four people who have passed the Georgia Precision Rifle Course. Again odd the "precision" rifle course only requires 100 maximum range but first task shooter is required to run 100 yards before engage target wit head shot The running portion is not timed and one really slow person on multiperson range allows most to get heart rate down before Range Officer gives the safe range, commence firing command.

During the string of questionable police shootings of civilians followed by a rash of people murdering cops and rioting in most big cities Atlanta had one horrible weekend of riots and two pretty bad. Cops were spread thin covering protests and many departments were sending all their extra Precision Rifle qualified officers to Atlanta to help out. Friday morning of the worst weekend while our senior pastor was out of town one of the young associate pastors decided to have a march to support law enforcement and invited local sheriff, police chiefs from all municipalities to come and be honored in an outdoor service with no approval or planning.

He just posted it on Facebook about ten, invited all local churches who posted on their Facebook pages plus all Twitter and other social media plus direct emails. Get over a dozen local churches staging a rally to support law emforcement out in August hot sun at 7:00 pm when asphalt is still 90, have top figs from local departments in dress uniforms who were all asked to speak and they were in a trap as had no time to source extra officers for crowd control and from site was 800 yards of treeline behind parking lot and a mile of road in front of lot with low income housing and treeline 100 feet off the road.

Called senior pastor, he walked out of meeting a in attempt to get to church before event began and I sent out emergency call to security team. All the cops on our team were on loan to Atlanta if had Precision Shooting qualification and only other team member who showed was senior pastor who had to moderate. I was on roof with my best binoculars along with my M1a Super Match plus my 7mm Practical turn bolt in case the 800 yard tree line erupted. Suddenly all people began moving toward main doors doors and got text from pastor was moving entire mess inside. Put my big rifles in lockup and grabbed my SBR which had in a guitar case and moved from 100 hot flat asphalt roof to air conditioned room to my elevaated platform behind sound boards.

Sheriff knew I was only person watching the entire show other than some other peacocks lined up in shiny dress uniforms everyone wanted to shake hands or lay hands on and pray for them. Was a freaking Keystone Kops, Three Stooges level fiasco just daring anyone who wanted on the news to show up. Sometimes I wonder how junior pastors and their super Christian minions make it through a average week witnessing in some of the goofiest places and ways. One night a children's pastor decided to march 500 kids outside in parking lot after dark because weather was so nice without a single word to security. Kids are supposed to be behind locked security doors with officer at each door. Just rush them outside with half dozen adults to keep them together and security already at their night time posts was the beginning of the end for me and soon resigned as head of security which is odd as nobody has taken the job now in 14 months including four cops asked and cop resigned to give me the job originally.

Churches and schools are nightmares without trained people with guns. Women are required as less likely to be looking at a short skirt when the boogeyman tries to enter the place. Like the cop that ran in Florida have a couple that believe just like being on the team. Have six that will walk through hell chopping off heads which depend [no getting the job done and now we are a team still without a leader just follow intuition. Every school system needs a similar program. Like this school system sends all volunteers for psychological assessment, after background checks all our folks go to a local head shrinker how ever many sessions it takes for him to clear them after background checks.
A time will come when people will not listen to accurate teachings. Instead, they will follow their own desires and surround themselves with teachers who tell them what they want to hear. 2 Timothy 4:3 G.W.T.
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