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Santa shot Rudolf!

Yep I got Rudolf. Nice big 8 point decided to come out at 7:30am this morning. Like the saying go’s one shot one kill. He ran for about 30 feet and took a nose dive into the heavy frosted grass.

First blood for my home built 308 DPMS / AR10a2 Carbine, using PPU 308 – 150gr sp.

.308 Isn't an area code, but it can still make long distance calls.
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1C 16:13
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Nice !
A 9mm might expand
A 45 will never shrink
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Great way to start the day, what are you going to do tomorrow?
A 9mm MIGHT Expand, A 45 Will NEVER SHRINK!
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Why are you not dressed in red?
All I'm really asking for here is a knife that will not jam and a unicorn that doesn't need sharpening. Will_Power
It's been my experience that all you really need to harvest a deer is a car. They come right through the windshield just fine. 357ross
That poop is priceless. MFC
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Me - "Do You really think You can hit that Kudu at that distance?"...... Dad- "I'm going to head shoot"
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