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Question Hey, anyone know how to get that grayish green finish on FMP G3's? I have RA kit

Hey guys I have a RA FMP G3 kit, worn,beat,etc, has character.... Question is, how can i try to duplicate the grayish w/touch of green finish on the receiver? I am using a hesse receiver(i know I know but it was cheap and dis assembled from a running rifle) , it has a black finish,not park,not sure what, but can i strip or try to, the finish and give it some sort of 'homegrown' finish to replicate the original parts? I am going for the battlefield pickup look and may even try to restamp the RA #'s and stuff into the receiver at the various points to help preserve the history.

So some kind of a dip that can be gray w a tinge of green....
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Old November 03, 2012, 13:45   #2
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I think it's just grey park that sat for a really long time with cosmoline on it. It seems like it's some kind of a reaction between the cosmo, park material and air which gives it a greenish tint. I was looking at some rifles at Dacota Tactical and they mention they have a special formula to get their park to come out grey with a green/gold tint. Maybe email them and see if they will let the secret out, ha.

I was planning on buying a park kit and experimenting on a few steel parts myself. I have Audi power steering fluid which is a (way too expensive) German high temp mineral oil blend that is a very dark green color. I was thinking it might give fresh grey park a nice greenish tint. If you've got a park kit and are experimenting I can send you a bottle for whatever shipping is and you can try it out.
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Old November 20, 2012, 14:14   #3
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The "Green cast" you are trying to aquire is a chemical reaction.
Some is due to time and exposure as posted previously, However..
Colors can be obtained to some degree when parking. Addition of a carbon base (such as steel wool or carbon pellets) will make your park almost black.
Green can be obtained with the addition of copper sulfate or soaking in a specific oil bath after.
Ultimately it will be your metal prep work. I do a LOT of parking and have found that sand blasting makes fo the best adhesion to the metal.
Degrease completley and go to town. All the solutions out there work.
This link may help as well

Good luck !!
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Old November 21, 2012, 13:46   #4
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tHANK'S FOR THE REPLIES GUYS I will be getting back on this after TG...
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Old November 21, 2012, 21:29   #5
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Ok Gent's, what color is cupric Oxide? Green. does that give you an idea? Oxidize some copper, Well, I won't spoil the fun.

OOPS, sorry, didn't read too well Ming, you got it.
COBC #1- That's all Folks.
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Old November 23, 2012, 08:54   #6
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Your are right about the greenish color when park is exposed to cosmoline for a long time. I had a friend back home who was a big military collector and also a chemist. He did a lot of restoration and sometimes had to use new or surplus parts found with no/in the white finish.
His Parkering formula was probably very similar to what is commercially available now, but he mixed his own with formulas used by John Inglis and Canadian arsenals. The one step that I have never heard of on any forum that he used is as follows. He would plunge the freshly Parkerized parts immediately into a mixture of Tintex dye. He had the colors figured out and he could get just about all the shades of dark green, blue and black. He then quenched the parts in boiled linseed oil, not the machine/motor oil,wd, etc that folks use now. You could not tell his refinished stuff from original.
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