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M11 AR Pistol Brace??

In other thread about Tec-9 has had me thinking about adding a few spare parts and maybe another gun to the pair and while lurking about have been checking on M-11 parts, magazines, etc. Have a pair of Form 4 M-11's in 380 with Sionics suppressors using the original rubber wipes. The spindly wire stocks are crappy and sights useless but both have lasers mounted to front of trigger guards and usually one hand them suppressed using the lasers for aiming.

Also have a pair of semi-auto Cobray M-11's in 9mm that have no provision for stocks thus only way to add a stock would be SBR them and can't add a vertical grip adapter either. With suppressor and a heavy Nomex glove hold the suppressor with weak hand and let the lasers do the aiming with the semi-autos as well. Today found an adapter that allows attaching an AR 15 collapsible stock to back of M-10/M-11's on Gunbroker. Looked, thinking was nifty but just another trap requiring a Form 4 to use then thought about what the legality of using it in conjunction with an AR 15 pistol brace rather than collapsible stock.

Would that constitute a violation or not. Using it to install a collapsible SIG brace would add very little length and the rails would likely run perfectly down each side of the pistol. Extended could use as brace or would shoulder better than an original wire stock. Is that something you would send a letter to BATFE for a ruling? At $45 for the adapter plus price of a SIG Brace it would be a huge improvement in ergonomics. Below is link to the adapter. Anyone willing to guess what BATFE would consider this used with a pistol brace?
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