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any comments on Suzuki 850GS?

thinking about buying one. I understand that it is 4 carbs, and have read that the electrical charging system is considered the weak spot
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But for the stator, tanks.
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Great bike, I've restored 6 over the years, haven't done one in at least 15. While the shaft drive is nice and smooth, I always felt they needed one more higher gear to get the range and fuel economy they needed to be a good road bike. That said, they were too much of a gas hog for the power to weight ratio. A GS-1100 L would be my choice for a road bike, if I was going old school Suzuki. All that said, for reliability, I never had one break down and leave me stranded. Could never say that about the one Honda and one Harley I owned.
The last GS-850 L I had, was just ready to turn 23,000 miles on the odometer when I sold it. The buyer was looking for a bike for his kid, and kept the Suzi for himself. He works locally, and still has that bike, with well over 150,000 miles on it. If you pocket is deep enough, { parts hard to find } it'd be a fun old school bike to build and ride.
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My Dad had a new one, a 1980 IIRC, that was the first street bike I road extensively. I moved out on my own in 1984 and my parents moved to AL not long after that and he sold it.

I was too young at the time to provide you any technical review, but I have nothing but fond memories of the bike even though I choose the Harley path myself shortly after that.
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The carbs and the charging system are easy enough to deal with once the fundamentals of design are understood. GS resources is a great website full of good technical information for all things GS.
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Hate to be the killjoy around here, but unless you're mounting twin .30 Brownings on it I think it misses the "general firearms discussion" target in this particular forum.
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I just finished restoring one. they are easy to work on and parts are cheap. if you do get one I suggest upgrading the Regulator/Rectifier from the original "shunt" type (which will inevitably cause your stator to go bad) to a sh775 series type used by Polaris. make sure to get the real thing as there are a lot of fakes out there.
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you can find parts easily on ebay. I just read the comments and one of you said they were hard to find. mine has around 18000 on it and runs great. as someone else said the stators suck. that is not 100% true, the stators are fine, it's the R/R that sucks. it sends all of the extra electricity back to the stators causing it to overheat and fry. getting the sh775 fixes that. read the stator papers over at the gs resources. I have only broken down twice, once because the stator went bad and I ran the battery all of the way down (luckily I ended up 2 blocks from a coworkers house) and the other time I ran out of gas 2 miles from a gas station.
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