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Spyderco Civilian

Interesting blade, local GS told me they had a few calls on the knife the same day I had them bring one in for me (collection knife). Picked it up today and was mildly disappointed, lotsa of hype around this blade and it does look like it will do it's intended job but I was a bit "meh" when I opened it up - guess Im jaded. Nice knife though if you need to carry something like that, definitely wouldn't want it used on me
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Tasman is more to my liking.
Man is tormented by no greater anxiety than to find someone quickly to whom he can hand over that great gift of freedom with which the ill-fated creature is born.

- Fyodor Dostoevsky
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I'm still really digging the Broken Skull but thats a different animal.
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Bawana jim
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I think I have 5 spyderco knives, a big delica with searated edge,medium delica,a small one with a metal clip and both handle and blade engraved as a spyder, a small 1 inch stainless and an unusual folder with straight blade and red micarta type handle.
"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." ---- Sir Winston Churchill-
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Have a 20 plus year old version of the Spyderco Remote Release with a 3.75" blade and is bigger than either the Spyderco Remote Release I or Remote Release II. Its a handful of knife with a full serrated blade and one of my travel knives take whenever go anywhere international or with strict out of state carry laws like NYC where might be able to pick up a small 380 off sidewalk if really needed it but a knife is my primary defense device and across the pond, Canada or south of Texas only means. Of course when mountaineering an ice axe or rock hammer made a good device to have handy on a backpack but walking though Lima, La Paz, Paris, Zurich, etc a pack with an ice axe isn't going into a museum or such.

Always carry the old Remote Release clipped to belt loop and tucked in rear pocket of my Levis. Years of accumulated time in countries that didn't allow guns never was questioned about the Spyderco. If just walking the streets and not going to the Louvre or such generally have a Cold Steel Tanto in small of back under my shirt and the Spyderco becomes the backup. Wife and I wandered in edge of Sharia law neighborhood in Paris our very last tourist trip to Paris. Others were wife's bone studies and medicine not approved in U.S. till it got FDA approval but soon as figured out available in Switzerland totally gave up on Paris.

When wandered in wrong area of Paris were 15 to 18 years younger and not sick but had five muzzie men back us into a corner, was looking bad as they wanted a piece of the white Americans. Put wife behind me and told her to keep her hand on my shoulder and when lunged to run like he!! and not to look back or would turn to pillar of salt. Said untuck shirt get the Tanto and if anyone got hold of her slash and stab until able to run then keep moving. Pulled the Remote Release and as it locked open started my move, wife went into split end mode running with the Tanto and all five parted like the Red Sea as I got shoulder to shoulder with her. Block and a half we saw white European's again and stopped running in front of cafe and several people said Americans need to be very careful where they go in Paris and left it at that. I believe with my heart had it not been for the Spyderco and/or the Tanto their biggest decision would have been whether to kill me before or after raping the wife. Been told they like to make a man watch first. Now we are letting Sharia law communities exist in many of our cities. Its doom and gloom for those who get lost in an unfamiliar town with such. Hope Trump gets national reciprocity pushed through as wife ain't able to run anymore and I am far from giving a good fight to five younger healthy men without a gun. If my gun is not welcome, I am not going anymore.

Try telling a libertard what happens in Sharia Law community its like talking about the hood when they say that the people are just misunderstood and not a real danger. One or two bad apples doesn't spoil the basket. Most who have said such have asked if ever been in a Sharia Law community or would they walk through the hood after dark and say no but its not because of the people, just no infrastructure providing any service they need due to their poor living conditions of us deplorables keeping the minorities down. But anytime go into unknown territory the Spyderco still goes into back pocket.
A time will come when people will not listen to accurate teachings. Instead, they will follow their own desires and surround themselves with teachers who tell them what they want to hear. 2 Timothy 4:3 G.W.T.
"If it is worth doing's worth doing it a few more times to get it right." Stimpsonjcat
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