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300 Remington SAUM

I got a used Model 7 in this caliber. The rifle is like New. Ammo is a bit pricey. But a real tack driver. Anyone out there have any experience with this caliber, especially with big game.
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No real word experience on my part, but I do have a friend who uses one for black bear in PA. The only issue is that the SAUM cartridges are pretty much un-obtanium.

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Hell of a cartridge from the late-90s/early-2000s when SA magnums were all the buzz.
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The 300 WSM was kind of lead to the death of the 300 SAUM as few ammo makers except Remington continued to make ammo for it. What I know of it is from the reloading end is that unless use a slightly reduced loading with medium burn rate powders case life is limited. I like a slower powder in a magnum thus it was kind of counterproductive. The Model 7 is a light and compact rifle in 300 SAUM and makes a good medium range hunting rifle for medium/large game. If don't reload then your choice of ammo is limited and hard to find.

They seem to prefer light/medium weight bullets in the 150 to 180 grain range with 165's being pretty popular. Had a 24" M700 in 300 SAUM and when realized if tried to push a 180 grain bullet to 3,000 fps case life was a couple rounds before primer pockets were too loose to load a third time and really could only get decent case life pushing 150 grain bullets at a lazy 2,700 to 2,800 fps traded it off just a few months into owning it while they were still popular.

Suggest you find some of the reduced load Remington 165 grain Corelock and Nosler 180 grain Partitions and put back as many as can stand as every year more loads are dropped from ammo makers, prices keep going up and will pay $50 to $80 per box for ammo unless find some dusty old stock sitting on a gun store shelf they have been sitting on for several years. Don't act all excited when if you see some and beat them down on price as if you would just as soon leave them as take them because their just potential "once fired brass" for reloading. Darn expensive ammo for 30-06 performance.

It is a nice rifle for hunting, for black bear, big mule deer or even elk at reasonable range it is an easy to carry and fast to reload if need a second shot with the short bolt throw. Had I kept mine would have rebarreled it in 7mm which is a great medium weight bullet lobber. If just hunting with it and other than verifying your scope before each season or big hunt is a fine woods rifle bit if don't reload then it's $3 to $5 every squeeze of the trigger. I wanted it to be much more and had hoped with reloading could make the 700 work better. When push it to higher end of reloading charts still in safe recommended load not only is case life short they tend to get sticky and hard to extract.

Please don't take my experience as kicking your rifle as I like the model 7 and it's a nice short action 30-06 performance like rifle. If found one at a bargain price I would buy it and look for a deal in some once fired or new brass a dealer is tired of watching gather dust. That or rebarrel in 7mm or use for a wildcat to push a quarter bore bullet if really felt froggy. Swapping it to 7mm is easy and have seen like new take off OEM barrels pop up on occasion for cheap. With 165 grain Swift or similar bullet it will knock crap out of some tough animals out to 250 yards or so.
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While I donít have any experience with the SAUM round I did keep tabs on it back in the late 90ís and early 2000ís. I was looking at it or the 300 WSM. There are only slight differences between the two rounds. They were so close that SAAMI wanted to acknowledge them as the same round, but Remington and Winchester both argued against that.

Power and ballistics are nearly identical so you could look at the data for the 300 WSM to get an idea about what it could do. Also both of the rounds are almost identical to the 300 Win Mag but in a short action.

I have read that the SAUM has an edge when it comes to accuracy. My 300 WSM has dropped everything Iíve put my crosshairs on with one shot. It has plenty of power to take anything on this side of the big 5.
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Thanks. It's really accurate. It seems like one of those cartridges that's good but never really caught on. Like the Remington 8mm magnum my dad had decades ago. I hope it makes a comeback ammo at $62 a box seems insane.
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