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Sweet Sixteen

Thought I’d throw this link to a recent post I made in the FN forum since it’s also appropriate here.

What the HELL is he building in there?
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That is a fantastic A5- I hadn’t seen that thread. I have a 16 Ga A5 but it is a 1946-47 mfg so not technically a “sweet sixteen,” I don’t believe. It’s a Browning gun but actually mfg’d by Remington (it’s not a Model 11) since the FN factory wasn’t exactly cranking out lots of commercial guns immediately after the war.

My great grandfather bought it for my grandfather when he returned from Europe after the war. I still have the receipt. He bought a 16 Ga for my grandfather and a 20 Ga for his brother (that one is still in the family also). I had it professionally restored and use it occasionally on a dove hunt. Lovely old shotguns those A5s.
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Have you shot it yet?
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Not an Auto 5, but I've got a 16 gauge Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight. I buy ammo whenever I find it. Very nice shooter.
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I love carrying my JC Higgins/ High Standrd 16 gauge out in the field, makes me feeling like dads with me as it was his when he was a teenager.

There’s a couple places close by that carry 16 gauge most all the time at a decent price. The local Walmart has it and usually in January they put it on sale, that’s when I try to pick up some.
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Sweet Sixteen

My dad bought me a new Browning Sweet 16 for my 18th birthday, 54 years ago, still in about the same condition as the OP's A5, my favorite quail, dove and squirrel gun. It also made me a 16 gauge lover, I have a Winchester Model 12 in 16 gauge also.
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