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Ruptured .38 cases?

Friend came over and showed me a Rossi .38 snubnose, 5-rnd cylinder. Said after firing five rounds, would eject rounds from the cylinder but one would be stuck. Would have to use a plastic stick to push it out. After several cylinders thought they had identified the culprit chamber, loaded 4 rounds, no problem. Then on next cylinder had a stuck round, then it progressed to 2 stuck rounds (two different chambers). I eyeballed the chambers and couldn't really see anything except they needed some cleaning. The stuck cases have a rip along the length of the case from the mouth going about 1/3 to 2/3 of the way to the rim. A couple have some jagged veering off in the rip halfway towards the rim.

I figure something may be wrong with one or more chambers, and pushing them out by force causing a small burr to rip the cases?

I looked at the primers, one or two looked like the dimple was a little bit big. Ammo was Remington .38 SPL ball ammo.

I'll try to attach photos of the cases if I can figger out how to do that...
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