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Another great match. With great people.

I really enjoyed the stages.

Good job Matt.

Got to meet and work with another Filer which is always nice.

To the stats.

I started with 62lbs. 260lbs. total.

I finished with 56lbs.

Rifle: Shot 61 of 130. Dumped 5 for all the stages. Had a mag issued and dumped 3 on the last stage.

Pistol: Shot 71 of 120

Carried 3.5L of fluids and drank maybe .5L

Used 1 Gu packet.

Completed it in 97 minutes. Only jogged from stage 5 to the finish line. Walked everything else.

Timed out on the last 2 stages.

On 4, i spent WAY to much time on the range finder.

On 5, i just could not pull that dummy or move those ammo cans fast enough. Along with the mag issue.

Overall, i shot and ran OK.

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