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Check out this odd ball.......

Hello all,

I am posting this to see if anyone has any info on the different variations for the Steyr GB here in the U.S. Anyone know the American production numbers (i.e. blued vs parkerized sales numbers, combat vs. spurred hammers, etc...)

Thanks for any help in advance

The reason I am asking is because I acquired one today and there is not a whole lot of information available on them.

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Nice gun. I don't know much about them except that the one I shot back in the late 80s was very accurate. And big.
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Was the first 9mm I shot back in '86 - ended up going with the Hi-Power, then switched to the Sig 226. Then back to the Hi-Power, then to the Glock 17. But the Steyer always holds a special place in my heart as my first. (My issue sidearm was still a .45).

I've refinished many of them. I'm the only one I know who can wind the hammer springs - requires a special tool I made with direction from the gunsmith at Gun South way back when.

Almost bought one a few months ago at a show. It had 6 mags. I was going to toss the gun in the trash and sell the mags. Hahahaha Just kidding but the 6 mags were worth about twice the gun with no mags.
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A little bit ..

There was both Miltary and commerical model here ..Miltary has a crinkly paint to it. They are rarer then the commerical models

In the USA org they had a company make them under licensce ( I forgot what the made them as ) but they were very very bad guns did not work ..So Styer came in and starting importing them

Past that I need to look back on my notes on models and hammer types

Been a long time since I looked
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It was the phosphate model that was the military one and there were 937 imported with that finish. I used to have one but sold it off. It was neat but the trigger pull sucked and mine would lock up if you got it too hot. I'm a fan of the pistol from a historical perspective but, as a tool, it is a poor one IMO. Here's the one I used to own:

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Back in the day the 18rd mag was a real draw, along with the typical Teutonic engineering. Advances in magazine design have made it possible for many smaller pistols to have the same capacity without the size.
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I believe the sorry clones were Rogaks.

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Thanks for all the information fellers,

I sort if like the size of this big ass thing.The one complaint It do have is the trigger. I haven't taken a scale to it but I am estimating the DA pull to be 20 lbs or so.....ughh. Single action maybe 7-10 lbs?

I guess it was made in the day when men were men, mustaches were a sign of dominance and dainty male hands were non existent.

Here is comparison photo to show its mass:

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These are good looking but I heard reliability is poor and also the trigger is horrendous. You got one so what say you?
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