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577 snider in 24 guage shorties with .535 round ball in power-piston cup

so I have a few egyptian sniders that are .590 smooth-bore with 577 snider chambers. a 24 guage shotshell will fit easily in chamber if cut back to 1.7". at 2" they are difficult to force into chamber and extract.

the nominal case dimensions of 577 snider are .660 base, .605 neck, and 2.0" case length.

24 guage shells measure .635 OD full length, same rim as snider, and are 2.5" in 11/16 oz shot-loading with power-piston shotcup wads.

it being impossible to find a .590 paradox mold to use over black or trip 7 in 1.7" cases, i am planning to load .535 balls (1/2 oz) into the power-piston shot-cups (perfect fit) for a sabot round that has .590 OD)bore size.

there is not enuf room under the power-piston in a 1.7" case for a black powder or bulk-for-bulk charge, so i am going with unique. 13-14 grains gives 3/4 oz shot in a 28 guage power piston load 1200 fps. it should push this 1/2 oz load in 24 guage 1500-1600 fps. have not had time yet to look in my old Sharpe's Reloading for snider loads recommended, but the power-piston in a smooth bore makes this shotgun territory anyway.

i should prolly start with 10-11 grains and group them from rifle tied to an old tire on the picnic table and string fired into a big cardboard box, then chronograph once i get an idea of where they are going. have RB mold (230 grains) on order and .533 minnie ball mold (410 grains, 15/16 oz)ordered with. original ball was 525 grains, then 480 grains, over about 70 grains black. i am talking about using 230 or 410 grain bullets in a shotcup over unique.

any thoughts?
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