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Garand enbloc pouches for web belt?

What I thought would be simple to find is apparently not. I wanted to find enbloc pouches for a web belt but I am only finding molle gear and bandoliers.

In WWII did they only use bandoliers?
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Where on earth did you find MOLLE enbloc pouches??
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M1923 cartridge belt. Five pouches on each side of the buckle.

They were in use up through Korea.
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still had them in 1961
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I think there is a Viet Nam era M1 carbine/rifle, 2 mag/clip pouch that attached to a web belt with Alice clips.

And Col Cooper had a story about a candidate for Vallaha armed with a Garand that took out 18 with one clip in the rifle, and two more in a belt pouch
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