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SUIT Trilux scope, tritium re-animation!!

i think there might be some other similar posts, but i made this for so i might as well post it here since afterall, this is FALfiles and the trilux SUIT is inargueably, the official sight of the L1A1/FAL.

earlier, i got a SUIT infantry scope to go with my very awesome L1A1, but like thousands of the others in the country, it's tritium vial was burnt out. so i started looking for those LED deals. looked at a few... man do they look like crap. not only do they look corny, they also function corny. so i thought i'd just find a new vial to put in. i looked around, thought about cutting one of those bow tritium vials out, but then, there, i saw them, on EvilBay!!!! for $20, i purchased one and it had arrived today, late in the afternoon. so here we go.

all i really needed, was needle nose pliers, putty and a cardboard knife... and of course, the vial itself.

use the needle nose pliers to take the retaining ring out.

look in after you take the spend vial holder deal out and you see the end of the fibre optics.

viola! done!!!

just kidding. you wouldn't see crap if you had that in a moonlit night. that's how it looks when you shine a light at the fibre optics.

after you scrape the white stuff w/ the old vial out with the exacto knife/hobby knife/boxing knife/whatever, you fill it up with putty

mash the new vial in, remember it's gonna be in a good position for the fibre optics to receive light. insert everything back in to the assembly...




and its' done! no batteries needed! always lit whenever i need it(for the next 10 years at least...)

so there she is. ready for combat no matter day or night, as long as she's got ammo, she'll tag anyone up to 600m. is yours ready? get the vials!!!!!

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