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Safety Harbor Shotguns

Check these guys LITTLE shotties!
Anybody here own/shot one?
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ratas calientes
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I have looked at them before, but I don't own one.

So . . . . they can be had for a $5 transfer tax?
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I have fired one of the shortest barrel models from Serbu (based on 870).
Safety Harbor stuff is well-made in my limited experience with their .50 BMG uppers.
These shorties are a literal blast to fire once or twice
As with many pistol gripped 12 gauges, they can be painful to shoot.
Cool = yes
Practical = no (imho)
Fun = in small doses

Maybe try a Mossberg with no stamp required?

Here is a Serbu like I fired.
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I like them ..but I rather pay more and get a sbs where you can use a but stock if needed

Having fired short shotgun they can be nasty

These were meant for close quarter protection is room brooms .

I will second just getting a shock wave with a brace over this till your sure
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Old October 08, 2018, 16:46   #5
keeping it cool
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brothers, it's like Magnum revolvers

Many folks figure if they own a .44 magnum they just have to shoot full house magnum pressure ammo through it
they are very pleasant even in short barrels with .44 special ranges.

Most who buy SBS guns figure they just have to run full house 00 buck and yes they will punish you
run low base field loads ?

Not so much guys

These things are close range phone booth guns
size of shot don't matter at 20 foot or less
no, you don't need a magnum loading either.
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