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Vision question

6 retinal surgeries in last 3 years, both eyes; now I have small areas of scar tissue in my left eye at the central retina that is messin with my left eye vision enough that I think I need to learn to shoot with my right eye (I am a left handed left eye shooter). This problem only impacts my central vision, peripheral is normal for me. Central is just slightly fuzzy & 'wrinkled' but I can see well enough for most all tasks using both eyes.

I can see well enough w both eyes as stated but for shooting & sight picture my left eye is not so great any more. I can do it but right eye definitely better. Long guns are a bust., I will need to relearn to shoulder on my right & sight w my right eye, I am more concerned about handgun shooting.

Question is, relearn to shoot right handed or stay left handed with right eye sighting picture. Or?

No more surgeries unless my left eye starts to really impact my quality of life...this surgery would not be a laser repair it would be more invasive w no guarantee of better vision & with the risks that come with all surgeries, so unless my left eye keeps getting worse I will happily live with it. Thanks.
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